Would it be ethically good to legalize all drugs in usa

  • Legalizing all drugs would increase the well-being of all of society

    The world's most harmful drug ethanol remains completely legal yet less harmful drugs such as cannabis magic mushrooms lsd are illegal ethanol causes a physical withdrawal that if unmanaged reliably leads to death lsd and magic mushrooms cause only psychological withdrawal at worst causing a bad day clearly efforts of harm reduction are not at work here.

  • Yes to some others maybe all no way

    Are you seriously suggesting we legalize crack smack and speed? Look at the devastation wreaked by these poisons, And you seriously want to make it easier for people to get them? How will this make the situation better, Decriminalization and treatment is one thing, But to legalize hard drugs for recreational use would destroy our society, It is already.

  • Pot yes, All drugs, No, Make other drug laws less draconian rather than legalizing

    I'll grant that drug laws go over the top. Drug dealing if the dealer is not involved in violence as part of his job should not be treated as as serious an offense as it is now. Most dealers are not kingpins, Most are street-level. They should get at most a few years, Maybe even just probation if they didn't deal that much, And then a fine to help pay for drug rehabilitation services. Most dealers are either funding their own addiction, Trying their best to feed their families while mired in poverty, Or have misguided views on the drug they are selling (i. E. They just see themselves as helping people party and have fun while making a bit of money doing it).

    But while some drugs generally have mild enough effects if used in moderation that they should be legal (alcohol, Marijuana) some are just seriously over the top (heroin, Crack, Meth, . . . ). I think possession and use of those drugs should be legalized, But not sale. Treating people as criminals isn't going to help them get clean. Rehabilitation services should be offered for free and fines imposed on drug dealers should be used to pay for them.

    Maybe there are some drugs that should be legalized besides pot. I'm thinking MDMA since deaths from that are rare and usually only happen if someone doesn't drink enough water. It also has almost no addiction potential. At the very least it should be legal to use in therapy since its effects there are well-documented. Mushrooms and some other psychedelics might be OK too, But maybe just in a salon setting with trained staff who can deal with bad trips. But before voting to legalize any of that I'd have to hear the proposed regulations.

  • NO, They are illegal for a reason.

    The reason some drugs are illegal is because of what it puts someone through. It would be unethical to make all drugs legal because you would be allowing people to do something horrible to themselves freely. Also big buisnesses would get into it and encourage it and Mexico would make tons of money because the
    y wouldn't have to smuggle in drugs anymore.

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