• Y not gea queer

    I think it is the best anime till now that combines ecchi, Action and fun. It has a nice plot and great characters that will attract you with their unique personalities especially Rias. The ecchi scenes are hilarious. Some people say that the ecchi is exaggerated especially the idea of Issei being a pervert but as you watch the anime you will find that he is a great boy and usually tries his best to control his desires with girls (but he fails numerous times). Note that there are many animes that have more sexual scenes than it with a very weak plot, So this anime does his job really very well. The fighting scenes are magnificent and can be even compared with famous animes (like bleach, Naruto. . . . . ) with a possibility of great development (as it is shown later in the light novels). The romance scenes are numerous and will definitely capture your heart especially the last one between (Rias and Issei) in the ending episode of season 3 (also known as Born). So, If you are the kind of person that loves animes which combine action with ecchi, Romance and fun, You will definitely love this one.
    I hope that the producers of this anime continue making new seasons because with every season I'm sure its popularity will grow more and more between anime fans.

  • Trump for 2020.

    Over the past few years, We have seen great improvements on our nations economy and jobs. We have gotten rid of the ISIS military. Gotten much better trade deals. Stopped N. K. From firing missiles over our allies. Gotten foreign nations to put more of their share of the U. N. Cost. Started work to fix or replace our worn out military equipment. Supported Israel on some key issues, And started putting up better wall. These are thing that past presidents on both sides told us they planed to do but failed to do it. So far, Trump has made America better.
    Even with all this success, There are still important things on Trumps to-do list that he still wants to get done. One such key thing would be to fix or replace the failed Obamacare. Tho he's been crucial to the great strides with N. K. , He is also our best bet to get them to give up their nuclear program and probably even sign a peace treaty. We also need him to keep up the work with our economy. Odds are, Democrats will just undo his improvements and probably even make them worse than what they were before he became president in 2016.
    For most if not all of Trump's presidency, He has been under constant attack and resistance because of the fake collusion claims. Just think of what he could have done without all this on his back. Now that the collusion thing has been shown for what it was, Claims about it now and future claims of other junk will likely just make the democrats look foolish. This means he will likely get less resistance on many of his policies that are actually going to make America great again.

  • Democrats have lost their minds.

    There are plenty of center left, Centrist and center right voters who will never support open borders or reparations. The far-left have dragged the name Democrats through the mud with their radical policies and their constant leaning on identity politics serves only to divide the United States. Until sanity is restored to the democratic party, I (a center left voter) will be registering as a republican.

  • Yes and it's probably gonna happen.

    Donald Trump the man who stunned the world with his underdog victory for the US presidency in 2016 is running again. His main points were immigration, The economy, Jobs, And making fun of his opponents. Trump has started to build the wall which is controversial I am more interested with what he does with the immigration laws themselves, But he has taken action which is better then past presidents. The economy is doing great under trump and jobs are rising. He still hasn't started making NATO countries pay for their own defense, But he has shown strength against Putin by sending weapons to Ukraine when Obama wouldn't. I think if he is re-elected in 2020 he will has more political experience combined with his experience in the economy and his firm belief in his ideals he will be a good president. The reason he will be re-elected is because of the split in the Democrat party between Socialists (Lead by Bernie) and Moderates (Lead by Joe Biden). If Bernie is nominated many Moderates will vote Trump because his ideals of Capitalism, Religion, Rights like the 2nd Amendment, And Individualism. If Biden is nominated Bernie many Bernie supporters like in 2016 will vote Trump because of the Economy, Jobs, And not being in the political elite.

  • Yes. Trump Has Done Way More Than Any Other.

    Trump has done so much for the US in his presidency. Way more than Obama. People don't like Trump only because he likes to speak his mind. Wait, That's weird. I thought the people wanted an honest and upfront president. I guess I was wrong with the left. You see, The country needs to be run logically, Not emotionally. Facts over feelings. If Trump hurt your feelings because you are an illegal alien from Mexico, And he said you were not allowed to vote because you were illegal, Get over it. You shouldn't even be voting from a logical standpoint. That's what I'm talking about with this argument.

  • Absolutely and yes

    He is the best thing for america right now, Out with the immigrants and keep the people safe, We don't need any foreigners comming and taking jobs and robbing and killing people in the streets no more of that sort of living in america, It's a time for change and trum is it.

  • He will win.

    Because to put it simple he has done more in the first two years of his presidency then any other president in modern memory. The only thing that might hurt him is the income tax returns. Other then that our economy has improved something like 400%, His projections him self was a third of that.

    The main reason he will run because the democrats are not unified, They are divided within their own division. The problem is Americans have not figured out that the two party system is what is hurting America. I mean the recent government shut down what held up by the fact two parties could not get along. Yet there are at least 3 to 5 other parties in America.

    If you want Trump to win, Then have the a demos keep doing what they are doing. If you want Trump to loss, Then have an independent (like myself) who has ideas that a more or less both democratic ideals and republican ideals. For example, Free health care (I have an idea for that), Free education (once again I have an idea for that), Free public transportation (not likely to happen, But if I was to be president for the rest of my life from this moment forward, Then I have some ideas). I think there should be programs for home similar to "Cars for Clunkers. "

    I would love to run for President, But I am more interested in 2024 then the 2020. But here is the catch I want to run not to win but to educate the nation. If I win it would be sweet. But America discriminates to much to let me actually win first I am a politically a no one, And have a criminal record (one my other reforms DOJ/DOCs). But then again a criminal (Hilary) and a politically no one (Trump) both came close to wining it. Who know, Maybe I could, But my ideas are numinous and unique.

    Just like Trump, I will say it again, Trump is only looking out for how the corporations can make money not the little people. I am a little people, I am poor I know what crack head soap is or welfare spaghetti is. Had it many many times. You all will not find someone with more defined ideas and someone who knows what is really going on in the USA. I would be the first to run who is NOT NOT NOT a millionaire/billionaire.

  • Trump is worst president ever.

    I am pro liberal and obviously as such I hate Trump. Hopefully there is gonna be some pro gun liberal president for the next term. Conservatives are trying to ruin everything. So this is my message to all conservatives: Go fuck yourself. You and Trump suck. Obama was better president.

  • It really depends

    Now look, Trump has done some good things for the economy and for trade. But he hasn't been great with foreign relations. He literally destroyed relations with Mexico by implying that the majority of them are rapists and gang members. In fact, Only 5% of Mexicans are in support of Trump, As opposed to 49% under Obama. Also, His idea of "building a wall" isn't a great one. Of course, It could work if you added things like drones, Senors, And other electronics to the wall, But he simply said he would build a wall, Which wouldn't be very effective on its own. Also, He became involved in a Twitter war with the leader of a hostile nation, Kim-Jong-Un, Which isn't exactly a good idea. Even when North Korea was launching nukes over the heads of our ally, Japan, Trump just kept going on about "fire and fury! ".
    And finally, We have the Mueller Report. I'm not going to go into much detail here, Since hardly anything has been released yet. But there is clear evidence that Trump's campaign worked with the Russians to skew the election. As a matter of fact, When Putin heard the news that Trump had succeeded, He said "I won. " That's pretty damning to me.
    Anyway, I don't think Trump should be president in 2020. There's plenty of people to choose from now, So take a look at them instead.

  • He didn't help the economy as much as I hoped

    He did increase employment opportunities, But he didn't solve the student debt crisis, Or the housing crisis, Or the wage stagnation crisis. These are all the biggest factors in the economy as of today and he has failed to address them. So far, The democratic candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Despite their extreme policies, Are the only ones who are focused on fixing the economy and bringing back the middle class from the ashes of the great recession that is still bleeding millennials dry of so much potential wealth. Their loans need to be forgiven, And better policy should be in place to prevent future college loans from getting out of hand. Republicans have done nothing to address this.

  • From the outside

    From the outside looking in, And I wouldn't live there if you paid me any way, It is said that a country is only as good as it looks after its poor And having been there on holiday and seen the underlying poverty, It beggars belief, That this so called great country, Has"nt embarked on a Universal Health care/ Without this foundation stone in society. All else is irrelevant to a point.
    Trump and co can only see the dated and failed "trickle down" economics as the answer to every thing, That even some billionaires admit, Has failed most in the U S. As for his Climate Change denial how can one feel sorry for U S citizens, Hit by the ever increasing number and intensity of cyclones and adverse weather conditions

  • Despite some small successes, Trump's presidency will prove to be horrible in the long term.

    It is true that Trump has advocated for increased NATO spending and increased border control, But most of his policies sacrifice the long term well being of America for temporary prosperity. Examples include his lack of any recognition of climate change and the republican tax "reform" that will raise taxes on the middle class when Trump is already out of office.
    The economy is doing well (as it was under nearly all the years of the Obama administration), But it is not likely to continue on that path when climate change and skyrocketing U. S. Debt (still uncontrolled by Trump) cause financial decline. It is also worth noting that other issues that effect Americans even more than the GDP, Such as income inequality, Sustainable infrastructure, And education are being ignored. We still have a chance to stop his policies in 2020 and take a turn for the better, But if he is elected again that will be much harder to undo. But why should we care if Americans are suffering after his term limit ends? He'll just blame it on whoever inherited his disaster of a job.

  • It would be the worst mistake

    Donnie Tiny hands Snowflake Trump has done a few good things. The USA is no longer the leader of the world (as it should have been decades ago). Gotten out of the TPP. Outside of that really done nothing. He did manage to increase middle and poor taxes.

    He has failed on immigration. He has failed with his trade war with China. He has failed to unit a deeply divided country. World leaders laugh at how stupid he is.

    His failure of a trade war has hurt so many businesses. Farmers have lost buyers forever. Even if we get a new person in, It's not going to come back. Thanks to that, Farmers aren't buying equipment, Which then is hurting equipment workers. Basically one domino that falling into others.

    So many places in the USA don't have access to clean water, And Snowflake Trump is making easier to pollute it. Getting rid of environmental laws that protect people. Trump hatred of Green Technology is putting the USA further behind the developed world.

    Than there is the Supreme Court. It's already has been a mostly far-right court for the last 40 years. If Snowflake Trump wins in 2020, It will be so far-right, That America will most likely reverse course in civil rights.

    Snowflake Trump also made our allies mad, Well being extra nice to dictators. The problem is isolationism will hurt the USA, More than it harms. The world is sadly to interconnected now. Sadly an idiot like Trump will never see it.

    The worst thing if him winning though in 2020. The USA has been very close to falling into a dictatorship. Sure you might "like that" Trump supporters. But it's all fun and games, Until he comes after you. Congress will not stop it, And Snowflake Trump will love to be a dictator.

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