Would it be inappropriate for television shows aimed at kids to show an openly gay character?

  • Children should not be taught this Alternative lifestyle.

    Children are the most impressionable and should not be taught that it is normal. Anything that has to do with human sexuality should be up to the parents to teach their own children. Once you are an adult or age of consent you then can choose the lifestyle you want to live.

  • For young kids, yes. Teens or preteens, no.

    There is a reason, though many people may not like it. It is the parents' responsibility to teach their kids about various issues. One classic example is sex which I will use for this argument.

    Sex is completely natural. There is nothing wrong with it, but it should not be in children's shows because different parents believe that the time to talk about sex is ideal at different ages. Now, shows can only hold off for so long and if parents shirk the responsibility, that is on them. But shows have to give a decent amount of time to let the parents have that talk. We have to give them the first at bat and the first chance. If they miss, they can only blame themselves.

    Now, for that argument about sex, take out "sex" and replace with "gay relationships." This is something that parents need to talk to their kids about at some point. And TV shows need to respect that parental responsibility and wait a fair time.

  • Not because the subject is too inappropriate, but because it's too controversial. Children show should be about childish things, not sexuality.

    It's wrong to show a topic of such huge controversy on a child's show. To some extent, people might even see it as the other side exploiting children as a means of winning the national debate.

    Children shows are where children should learn little kid things... Not about sexuality, and political issues and subjects of high profile controversy.

  • It should not be shown to little kids

    Little kids don't know what to think about that kind of stuff and they shouldn't be exposed to it either. It is offensive to some people. That's why they have different categories of movies/shows that are for romance, gays, comedies, etc. If someone let their child watch a show because they knew it was under the category of pg and a gay couple popped up that would be offensive. If they wanted their kids to watch that they would put on an adult show. Also for the Christian perspective it is also offensive for them because it is our belief that it is not right since God created Adam and Eve and he did not create Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve, he created Adam and Eve so they could have kids who have kids, that's how it is suppose to be.

  • They're Kids; they're not even of age to explore sexuality yet.

    They're kids, so most parents tend to shelter their kids from sexual activities until they're an appropriate age that they'll be able to dictate what they feel is sexually acceptable for them. The LGBT community needs to get it through their heads that the stupidity of teaching a child that a 'gay' person is 'acceptable' is massive.

  • Its disgusting and wrong

    I dont need my kids growing up thinking its the way things are suppose to be. Were on this planet to pro create. I dont care what gay people do in the own time but shoving it in peoples faces the way they are on tv is just to make the tv shows more money. I think its despicable and most people who are gay have alot of internal struggles. I get that but when my son tells me how do two guys have a baby makes me sick that hes even asking the questions.

  • Against religious beliefs!!!

    Millions of parents are against it because there religion does NOT allow it! And millions are against it because of there beliefs! People want to raise there children in certain environments. They want to shelter there kids from anything they believe isn't tight or is against there religion! And all parents should have the last say in what there kids see & hear! The parent should be the one to decide what's right & wrong for there children! Not tv companies like Cartoon Network & not random strangers that you don't even know who also have different beliefs!! By putting gays in kids cartooned & shows, you are forcing other beliefs into peoples homes! Yes! They have ways to block certain tv shows to keep your children from watching it.....But if we was to do that with every show like that, then those kids will never get to watch tv! Why should they have to suffer!? Its not ok for Christians, Muslims, & exc to put there beliefs, religions, & ways of life on children's tv shows...!!! Because of the fact that it goes against certain peoples beliefs & ways of life!!! Its wrong!!! Why is it ok for the gays but not others?!?!?! Its not fair!!! This isn't a war about racism!!! This is a feud of Religions & Beliefs!! It totally takes away Americans Religious rights!! And takes away the right to raise our own children our own way & with our own beliefs!!! The gays get what they want by taking away other civil rights!! GIVE THE GAYS THERE RIGHTS! BUT DONT DO IT BY TAKING AWAY OTHERS RIGHTS!! If they want to be in children shows & exc, then give them there very own stations & channels!! Then you wouldn't have to destroy people religious rights & beliefs!!

    Jesus, my Messiah!! Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Open the eyes to there hearts & souls God. In Jesus name I pray!! AMEN!!

  • Depending on Age and I think all t.v. shows should focus less on love more on independence.

    I feel that for a child it is highly inappropriate for sexual orientation to be mentioned at all. Such as a homosexual sesame street character would not be okay with me because I feel kids are too young to even worry about those things. As for teens, I really feel they are too relationship based and all so focused on getting the one. I do see how in the teens who are homosexual could benefit. In my family we have always been taught to focus on school and worry about boys or girls after college. Otherwise for us relationships just take focus off the important things like education growing up. Dating shouldn't be the main theme of adolescence.
    My dad never dated growing up, skipped prom and never regretted it , he's very successful.

  • Hi I'm Calen Loner Teen and Preteen Gay Rights Activist, PA, USA

    This was brought to my attention at the beginning of this week. As you all know Gay Rights was finally legalized in the United States. I agree that it is the parents decision to expose their child to this but it is no different than a opposite sex couple. Their is also a choice on one if not all TV providers to block the channel that the show is on. It is important to spread awareness about this topic, especially with how many children under 18 have came out as part of the LGBT community.Like I commonly tell people, "If it is not okay to be gay when not sexually active then since when is it okay for you not to be sexually active and be straight?" . Just something to think about their. As long as their is no explicit content, or and sexual scenes then, yes I agree that it is okay for TV shows to have openly gay characters on the shows aimed at kids.

  • Homosexuality is against human nature!

    I know people who are homo and have no problem with that, but nowadays, especially in the series, the media is trying to make homosexuality looks like something normal, which I really hate! I even had to stop watching many series because of that! Let the kids decide for themselves.
    Check this out if you can:

  • On one condition

    I understand that sexuality is something that many kids shows should delve into, however, if it is okay to show a straight couple or a straight person dating then I feel it is okay to show a gay person dating. If your opinion is that no sexuality should be shown on kids shows, then there shouldn't be any recognition of straight or homosexual couples or dating. Also, I'm referring to shows aimed more at preteens like Victorious, Regular Show, iCarly, That's So Raven, Hannah Montana, etc.

  • Yes and no.

    In this case it depends on what age you consider a kid. If by kid you mean teens and preteens as well as younger kids, then it would absolutely be appropriate. By that point, kids have already been exposed to straight relationships via TV, so it would be appropriate to expose them to openly gay characters, as well as homosexual relationships. But, if by kids you mean young kids, like 10 and under, then I think it would be inappropriate. Mainly because in that age range, most shows don't even expose kids to heterosexual relationships, so introducing them to a topic as controversial as homosexual relationships would be a mistake.

  • As long as it isn't flaunted.

    We are taught from a very early age to not discriminate. Race, beliefs, looks, gender, we are all taught to not base seclusion on these thins. Kid's shows do talk about things such as race and discrimination, oftentimes, and sexuality should be no different. One big point I've noticed opponents using is that children's shows shouldn't address anything sexual. I agree, but "sexuality" isn't really sexual. Most kid's shows do talk about the little crushes that every child will inevitably get, and it shouldn't matter whether it's Johny and Susan or Susan and Jessica. There can be same-sex couples on television without it being sexual, just as there are straight couples. As long as the gay couples are presented as just other people, and not "OH LOOK WE HAVE GAY PEOPLE ON OUR SHOW", I think it's perfectly reasonable.

  • What's good for heterosexuals is good for homosexuals

    They can show openly heterosexual characters. They can even make implied references to their sexuality such as kid's cartoons where kids ask where babies come from and the parents beat around the bush for comedy. There'd be nothing wrong with two dads or two moms or a hippie commune with lots of grownups raising children on a kid's show.

  • Modern Family is an example

    Kids of 8 year old watch modern family because it is funny and even given the fact that they talk about sex and all . At some point they will discover it anyways. I think that most channels show that anyway like the Simpson's , family guy and the Clevand show and many kids watch it.

  • Why would it be?

    Exposing children to this will help to increase acceptance of homosexuals. Many people are afraid of what they don't know, and this will help to reduce or eliminate that fear. We have nothing to gain from spreading hate for people who can't change who they are. So, no, it is not inappropriate.

  • Absolutely not people

    Since I believe being gay is not a choice I don't think having gay characters on kid tv shows would somehow influence the, to "turn" gay. I believe one is born gay, just like I did not choose to be straight I just am, other people did not choose to be gay.

    Keeping children ignorant of general knowledge is also wrong because then when they get older and topics of homosexuality come up or they begin to see it or notice couples because the media has only portrayed straights being the norm, children who take things literally are most likely going to conclude that they are wrong or weird which is why it is the parents job to educate their children. Whenever children see something that is out of the norm for them they have the tendency to make generalizations about different groups of people on a visual basis such as recognizing gender, racial and sexual differences.

    Even if the media were to try to restrict the showing of gay people or couples on tv, the topic is still going to come up at one point or another that child will one day see a gay couple holding hands and have many questions. You cannot avoid gay people and pretend like they don't exist in society, even if the media tries to tell us that. That will never work. It has never worked in the system of oppression in this country, just look at what women and minority groups have accomplished. What makes people think that gay people won't want the same rights as everyone else and the same recognition, especially in the media.

  • It depends on the show.

    I strongly support gay rights, but I don't think that gay relationships should be shown in shows meant for young children. I think this for the same reason I think straight relationships shouldn't be shown. Very young children (1-5 range) shouldn't be exposed to relationships that go beyond very light kissing, gay or straight. This is because the idea of going further, to any form of sexual conduct, is something a child's parents must teach him/her when they think he is ready.

    Shows aimed at older kids (6-12 range) can create simple love stories that involve kissing, but not more than that. They don't need to create complex love, because that's not what their audience wants.

    However, shows aimed at preteens and teens can show these relationships, but still not in a sexual manner. They can show make-out sessions. They can have complex love story lines. Maybe even some light petting if you're feeling risky. The audience at hand in mature enough. At this point, sexual relations still can not be shown, its up to the parents to decide when its time to tell their child about sex.

  • Unthinkable that anyone would say yes.

    Straight relationships are shown on TV. Not showing gay relationships would be giving children a false impression of the human condition, where various sexual orientations are a natural and desirable part. There is no rational reason to consider gay relationships less desirable than straight ones. Irrational religious barbarians harm their children and ought to be subjected to civilizing influences. Having homophobic attitudes is childabuse, since it will harm the child later in life if it would grow up to be gay.

  • It doesn't have to be sexual

    Kids watch shows with heterosexual relationships all the time, the only difference is that a big deal isn't being made about the relationship. When a kid sees a mother or father character, it's a mommy and daddy, not "oh hey those two kiss and have sex". It shouldn't be a problem in the 21st century for kids to learn two people of the same gender can be close together with consent. Plus if a child feels attracted to their same gender, they need heroes to help them realize, it's not disgusting or an abomination to feel attracted to the same gender.

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