Would it be inapropriate to use sarcasm in a non offensive, non smart Alec way in court?

Asked by: TheodoretheMan
  • Respect the Court

    The Court is a serious place where any decision made can literally make or break a person's life; a place where justice and the truth may or may not see the light of day. The Court is an extremely formal place where all proceedings should be carefully carried out, in a formal way due to its legal nature. The Court is a place for plain facts and not emotions, non-objective language. It is a place for formal speech and thus not sarcasm.

  • Nah dude dont

    Courts are serious places. Not like judge Judy or any other court tv. From my experience (work experience in county, magistrates and supreme courts of Australia) Magistrates are stressed due to presiding over numerous cases. This results in them been particularly sharp and to the point, they will not be interested in a sarcastic joke nor will they appreciate it. Whatever a person is in court for they should be to the point and quick. The judges I saw hated tardiness and laziness of not only defendants and prosecutors but all staff. (Registrars, lawyers, etc.) It might seem like a cool idea to tell a joke and in your head it may seem cool but i'm guessing it will only infuriate the judge.

  • Why does the

    Asker have to post so much???? This is dumb I am merely trying to talk talk talk until I reach fifty sweet words. Time for an update debate.Org. When I tried to pick a category this poll should be on I picked education because the"choose an image was in my way of the other options -_-

  • Why not? I

    Think it's hilarious. People may argue and say no because trials are serious, but if you were guilty and knew you would get sued or arrested, then I'd say go for it. Sarcasm is a not-so-direct way of being a smart ass and every court needs a smart ass. Also, if I was doing jury duty and someone was using sarcasm, I would be a lot more entertained.

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