Would it be justifiable for Pakistan to go to war with America?

  • Yes, the Drone War is enough

    Although the war would be ineffective, the constant drone attacks on a country which the Pakistani People have done little to deserve is a horrible violation of there rights and an act that is bordering on War Crimes. Pakistan have done nothing to deserve this bombardment of Drone Strikes and even though they have had Al Qaeda members on there soil, so do many other nations and that is not a crime.

  • Drone strikes on Pakistan are unacceptable.

    The US sees fit to airstrike anyone they wish and whenever they wish. Pakistan has all the right to defend its sovereign Land against anyones aggression. Including America.
    Since the fight for anti-terrorism is primarily an American Interest, America needs to remember that the center of Universe is not America, and they cannot do whatever they see fit.
    Its quite ironic to see a country like America play the victim card and defensive card, when on the other hand, for the past century, its been sending armies and attacks around the world whenever they wish.

  • Unquestionably justifiable... undeniably a huge mistake.

    Pakistan choosing to wage war on the United States would represent one humanity's top 10 war-time blunders... Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and Al Qaeda's war on the United States also earning a top 10 spot. Pakistan should first adopt "radar" technology to protect it's borders or at least give Seal Team 6 a reasonable challenge.

  • Pakistan would be justified in going to war with America, because the U.S. has repeatedly violated Pakistan's rights as a sovereign nation.

    The U.S. has attacked within Pakistan's borders, using drones, and many civilians have been killed or injured. In the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, the U.S. sent troops into Pakistan's territory and conducted an attack on its soil. We were also prepared to actively fight Pakistan's military, if necessary. Obviously, America's actions can be justified on a number of levels. Nonetheless, Pakistan's sovereignty has been violated, and they would have valid reasons for going to war with the U.S.

    Posted by: ManiacalStuart
  • The Pakistani government lied to us about Bin Laden. It shows that their government is corrupt.

    We found Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, so it shows that we've been lied to by the Pakistani government for many years. They said he died long ago when we found out he was still alive. They take our funding but do not help us out in any type of way.

    Posted by: UnderstoodDuane44
  • It would not be justifiable for Pakistan to go to war with America.

    Pakistan has no reason to go to war with American. The two countries are considered allies and they are both trying to fight terrorists in the Middle East and Central Asia. A conflict between these two countries would probably escalate into a larger war in the region which would be bad for the whole world.

  • War is bad

    War is not good for the world. It is not fun to see people die at random. Blood is not pretty when it is not in you. Guts are gross and are all over the place. Wars are just not fun, but playing minecraft is!!!!
    Please take this as a compilment minecraft creators.

  • Considering every factor, no.

    One could argue that President Obama's consistent use of drones give a full vindication for the Pakistanis to wage war with the United States. However, remember the ridiculous amount of foreign aid that they're receiving at this point. Also, in 2007, Pakistan and Iran were warned by President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and several of the administration's advisers that pretty much if they were harboring bin Laden, they would need to hand him over immediately, or their lives would become a living hell upon the U.S. finding out. Well, 5 years later, we've found that bin Laden WAS being harbored in Pakistan, and they are paying for it. Taking into consideration the massive amount of foreign aid we've given them, plus the fact that they were harboring the man responsible for the loss of 2,800 American lives single-handedly, you would have to give me a pretty damn good reason why Pakistan is justified to wage war with the United States.

  • It would not be justifiable, as we have given them so much support

    After all the support and aid we have given them, they should not even be thinking of going to war with us. They should be grateful to us and work to pay back some of the billions of dollars that they have received from us, in the past, and are still receiving today

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader
  • Pakistan has no right to declare war on America, because they earned the infringement of their borders, and they would lose badly.

    Osama bin Laden was known around the world to be enemy number one of the United States. And, he was hiding in plain sight in Pakistan. In fact, he resided very closely to a government military academy. On top of that, Pakistan has a large lawless region where Al-Qaeda has been taking refuge for ten years. America may have technically violated the sovereign space of Pakistan in the bin Laden raid, but the USA has the right to defend itself and kill it's enemies. And Pakistan, while not allied with Al-Qaeda, certainly is incapable of cleaning up their own territory. Besides, the purpose of the Pakistani government is the protection and welfare of its citizens, and it would fail greatly in this task, if it chose to start a war with a country that could and would inflict massive damage from altitudes they couldn't be threatened from. The USA has already proven it can violate Pakistani air space with impunity.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • Pakistan worked with the American soldiers, therefore, there wouldn't be any reason for a war.

    Pakistan aided the American soldiers when it came time to execute Osama Bin Laden. They agreed that Bin Laden needed to be removed from their country, and even helped the Americans figure out how to get to his hideaway, and infiltrate it accordingly. Given that they had a hand in helping the Americans do this, there really wouldn't be any justified reason for them to decide to go to war with America.

    Posted by: EwaBob

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