Would it be proper for moonshine or bathtub liquor to be sold and consumed legally in the United States?

  • Yes, why not?

    I do not understand the laws against moonshining. You can go to the liquor store and buy a huge bottle of Bicardi 151, but you can't make tubs of moonshine for yourself? This is absolutely ridiculous and, I guess, the last remnants of the massive failure that was known as prohibition.

  • Yes, moonshine could be sold legally if regulated

    I do not see the difference in selling moonshine and other liquors except for the size of the business making the product. As long as the moonshine is regulated and made safely, it should be allowed to be sold. I personally do not drink alcohol, but if others want to buy it, the product should be available. Perhaps regulating it legally would keep people safer from product that is made poorly and might be harmful.

  • Doesn't Meet Standards

    It would not be proper for moonshine or bathtub liquor to be sold and consumed legally in the United States. Thankfully the United States has requirements in regards to processes like this. Moonshine and bathtub liquor can actually be fairly dangerous and they are not necessarily clean processes like those in an actual factory.

  • Does anyone really know what all goes into this?

    I think people ought to be able to make their own, for their own private consumption, but I do not think moonshine should be sold. Moonshine and bathtub liquor got it's name because it really was produced in a bathtub. This stuff is not made in a clean, sterile, production facility and who knows what all could be added to it since there is no government inspection. I don't think allowing this to be sold would be a very good idea.

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