Would it be reasonable to expect your kid to get at least all b's when he can barely stay at all c's

  • Kids should be getting strait A's

    Kids need to understand the knowledge their getting. They should also be comprehending whatever test their taking. The knowledge that people get in their brain is very important because they will have to use that information on their test. Electronics don't matter. Getting good grades in school and succeeding in school.

  • Kids should Be getting strait A's

    Kids need to use their brain for knowledge and understand whatever subject the test is on. They should also be comprehending the things they learned. The importance of our kids education is very important and they need to understand the information getting. Kids shouldn't be playing video games they should be learning.

  • Kids need to be pushed

    This isn't saying that you mercilessly punish your kid by having high expectations. It's scientifically proven that intelligence is learned, Not an innate trait. That means that with the right study techniques, The right support, And the motivation (especially from the kid) ANY student is capable of earning all A's.

  • Improper statement but yes

    First of all, Let's get this straight: grades don't reflect intelligence. But still, One can get whatever grades they want if they are ready to work for it. Getting good grades is simply a matter of working 3 hours a day. But gaining intelligence is not. Doesn't mean you can't have both. Just gotta work for it

  • The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results

    The definition of expect is "to think or believe that something will happen". If your kid "can barely stay at all c's" then there would be no basis for councluding they are likely to suddenly start getting all A's and B's unless something very significant were changed. You might WANT it, Or ENCOURAGE it, But just saying try harder will not make it happen.

  • This is still me, But is it reasonable to punish him even more by taking away his phone?

    And when he does get to use his phone its only for 30 mins, Hes 13 by the way. Another thing, He wants to play on the weekends when he finishes his missing assignments, But i don't let him until its graded and he can't have any missing assignments that week or he can't play during that weekend.

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