Would it be right to put animals we create in zoos?

Asked by: haloman1999
  • We have every right to them

    If we created animals using the DNA of their ancient ancestors we should be able to do whatever we what with them. We in essence would own them because we gave them life after that should have been dead. They wouldn't have any rights to life because they were destroyed long ago. Not only that they would need us, they probably wouldn't be able to mate in the wild.

  • What would it possiably harm?

    If we creat an animal or bring one back would it not be seen as a favor. I am not trying to bring religon into this argument but god was not looked down upon by people for creatig them and then puting them on earth just as we would put animals in a zoo. If we put an animal on this earth are we not its "owners" your mother and father controll your every action by imposing there rule on you becuse they brought you into this world we would simpliy be acting as a mother to these animals giving them medicen and care that they wouldnt of had when alive in there time period

  • Don't see why not.

    Just about everywhere you look, you find animals that man has created. House pets and farm animals are clear examples of animals man has created and uses as he sees fit. Though some animals could exist without man, such as many breads of dogs, other animals would quickly die if left to the wild such as dairy cows. Though some dinosaurs may be able to survive in the wild, many others may die out again because what was their food source does not exist. The others that do survive would likely have more adaptable ways to obtain food. Unfortunately, this may make humans a new menu item. Would you really want them running wild?

  • I asked this same q with the same PIC like 3 days ago.


    I think we shouldn't create animals purely for our own entertainment, its fine if we want to reintroduce them into the wild but simply creating them to stare at would be feeding our superior egotistical minds.

    Imagine if you were made and put behind a cage while a different race/species stared at you all day, bringing an animal back purely for that reason is wrong imo

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