Would it be unethical to give yourself superpowers on purpose? (hypothetically)

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Yes, I think so

    People saying they would love to give themselves superpowers because it is their dream are selfish, humans as a species have limitations that aren't meant to be broke, otherwise, it would be chaos. Just think, if people could give themselves superpowers, they wouldn't be super, they'd be freaks of nature. It is not ethical to give yourself superpowers, if it happened to you accidentally, that's not your fault but if it's for your own selfish gain, yes, it's unethical.

  • This is a good question:

    At first I thought "no" but then I had to rethink that. If you are able to grant yourself superpowers, depending on the power, it may or may not be an ethical issue. For instance if you grant yourself telepathy or remote viewing then you are clearly breaking privacy while if you grant yourself the power to heal others on touch but refuse to heal people you don't like or happen to be prejudice against that too is an ethical issue that effects less what you do and more the state of affairs/being.

    This is an excellent question.

  • Humans will be Humans.

    No matter how much control you think you have over yourself, you will most likely justify a reason to abuse your powers. There is a reason we are mortal. We are mortal so that we can deal with the cards we are dealt in life and play the best hand we can before our bodies release life. Enjoy your self, and learn to love your lack of power. In addition, who is to say you don't have super powers already? Everyone has a unique ability or talent. Find yours.

  • Superpowers is good!

    If you think that super powers would make your life- easier, cheaper, more enjoyable- then go right ahead! After all, if you could fly or get strong or make lightning or disappear or run fast or stretch or have rock or flame arms then you would have a better chance of survival in nature and in the everyday world.

  • No. It's not.

    Would having a superpower make you happier then you currently are? Then why not give yourself some if you have the chance?

    It's not like having superpowers would negatively affect anyone else if you had them (Assuming you use them for good, or even just for yourself). So yeah, It's moral.

  • Maybe yes and no

    Having a superhuman ability is my biggest fantasy and has been for many years, so hypothetically if I were given an opportunity I probably would take it. But there is a major ethical dilemma that comes to mind; why is it I should have it instead of somebody else? On the other hand, it seems to me that as long as I will not be corrupted, it might be safe.

  • This is just a very extreem version of if you could give your self a hair cut would it be unethical to do so?

    What about all those people who cannot cut their hair?
    If the answer to that is no, it is not unethical, then saying yes, it is unethical, for superpowers is foolish.
    If you could give yourself a hundred dollars would you? Yes? What about all the people who dont have a hundred dollars? Why should I go without because other people do? Should I give every person on earth motor neuron disease just because some people are at a disadvantage by having it?

  • No, You Could use it to help people.

    Not all people that have superpowers would selfish and evil. A lot of those people we be good, using their powers to help others. Yes, some would also be bad, maybe even more than their are good, but good people usually end up having more allies than the others. This would result in the "good side" usually winning.

  • Not if done in an ethical manner

    Skills and objects are amoral. They can be used for either good or bad. Simply because one dude turns himself into slug, doesn't mean that he is either moral or immoral. If, you were to kill or use people in getting that power (as demonstrated in many movies, books, and video games), then yes it would be wrong.

  • It depends on how you use it

    Like things that aren't superpowers whether it's ethical or not depends on how you use it. If you give yourself superpowers and use them to take over the world that would be an extreme example of unethical use of superpowers. If you use them in a racist, homophobic, ... Manner then that's also unethical. But it's a priori the case that a person will do that with superpowers any more than they would automatically do so with other things.

  • Science is neither unethical or ethical

    Like many, I would like superpowers myself. It is probably the next step in our evolution. After all, we may one day be flame retardant as the fellow in the picture above is.

    Giving yourself superpowers is simply giving yourself superpowers. It is how you use those powers when ethics comes into play.

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abyteofbrain says2014-09-02T18:08:01.353
Define "super power"
ladiesman says2014-09-10T00:42:01.433
There are two ways in which one could (hypothetically) give him/herself supernatural powers; scientific and mystical. Scientific methods would include genetic engineering and examples of mystical methods would be dabbling in the occult and/or finding a magical object. Scientific sounds more risky than mystical. The real risk is the chance of corruption once the person has the powers.
abyteofbrain says2014-09-11T21:02:32.500
Helpful info in answering, but it doesn't clearly define "super power."
ladiesman says2014-09-11T21:39:56.483
Superpower in popular culture is a superhuman ability.
abyteofbrain says2014-09-11T21:47:44.337
Meaning "an ability that is not available to any existing human without modification?"
ladiesman says2014-09-11T22:35:42.873
I suppose so.