Would it be wise from an economic standpoint for Scotland to break away from the UK?

  • Yes, I think it would be very wise.

    Yes, I think it would be very wise. I think they would have a wonderful opportunity to stand on their own as a country. I really eel they can make their own opportunities much better away from the UK. I think Scotland can have a brighter future on its own.

  • Scotland needs backup.

    I think that it would be unwise for Scotland to break away from the UK because it's not widely known if Scotland has any kind of economic flow from exports or domestic resources. If they don't have a way to fuel their economy, they may need help from the UK later on in order to nudge their profits.

  • I'm pretty neutral

    I'm not really sure why Scotland wants to break away from the UK. Maybe they will actually have a better economy on their own? I'm sure they have looked at all of the what ifs and hopefully will make a decision that is suited to what their people currently need, and what will benefit them in future as well.

  • Independence Doesn't Work Economically

    There are reasons that free trade zones and economic alliances continue to spread throughout the globe. An independent Scotland, from an economic perspective, would leave the Scots along to twist in the wind if they ever needed any help. The UK would not be knocking at the proverbial door to assist a Scottish economy that walked out.

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