• Why keep mosquitoes?

    Why were mosquitoes ever existent? What purpose do they serve? All they do is spread diseases, suck blood and kill off other species. Mosquitoes are a nuisance that should be eradicated. They're annoying not only to humans but to other animals species. Yes, it is upsetting to make another species extinct, but there's is a good reason. Should we let mankind suffer or eliminate the source of suffering?

  • Eradicating mosquitoes is wrong.

    Mosquitoes are a vital part to food chains around the world and eradicating them would see many unforeseeable effects. Although the cause mostly harm to the human race when you look at the bigger picture many other species benefit from mosquitoes. Eradicating mosquitoes isn't the right way to deal with these issues we face.

  • Yes, eradicating an entire species could have devastating effects on other species.

    Mosquitoes form various useful functions including acting as prey for other species and pollinating certain plants. The larvae also feed on decaying vegetation in water. Eradicating the entire population of mosquitoes could lead to the decline and subsequent extinction of other species of plants and animals, especially those creatures that rely on mosquitoes as their primary food source.

  • No, it would not be wrong to eradicate mosquitos.

    There would be nothing wrong with eradicating mosquitoes. Mosquitoes pose serious health concerns because of the diseases they can transmit to people: Malaria, West Nile Virus and Zika. All of these diseases can be deadly, as well as create devastating side effects for sufferers. Therefore, scientists and governments have an incentive to eradicate mosquitoes to reduce exposure to these deadly illnesses.

  • Mosquitoes Spread Disease

    Mosquitoes have spread disease among the human and animal populations for ages. Their spread of viruses like Zika, and Dengue fever have caused a tremendous amount of suffering and pain. Eliminating mosquitoes may temporarily disrupt the food chain for some animals, but it reasonable to think that those animals would find a new food source, and would not suffer in the long term.

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