Would it benefit American society for women, especially teen girls, to dress in less sexually provocative fashions (generally speaking)?

  • Modesty is a good thing (I'm not religious!!!)

    Fashion seems to get racier and racier. Are women and young girls feeling pressure to dress in revealing or provocative manners? I'm not sure, but it's not good for our society in my opinion. Its one thing to dress nicely but another to dress like a prostitute. Yeah, yeah, 1st amendment, etc etc, freedom this , freedom that. Not saying any sorta dress code should be law, just that women make guys sex crazier than they already are by advertising their bodies as if they were for sale. This society could use a little modesty and discretion. With the way many girls and women dress they and their families shouldn't be surprised if men view them as simply objects if they present themselves that way.

  • Fashion has nothing to do with behavior.

    What we actually need in this culture is for MEN to take some responsibility for themselves for a change. If you can't stop thinking a woman is a sex object because of how she dresses, that is YOUR failing, not hers. YOUR character that is flawed and hypersexed.

    What we need to do is change how MEN are taught to regard women and behave towards women. Women should not have to dress a certain way to gain respect from men and not be treated like a sex object.

  • Doesn't work that way

    This is such a tired old theory, that modesty somehow tempers the male libido. The fact is that the opposite is true. Men take advantage of women in direct proportion to degree women are controlled, not the degree women are exposed. Consider Islamic nations. In those cultures, women who don't cover their hair are considered provocative and objectified. So some cultures force women to cover their hair. In those cultures, a woman who paints her toenails or shows her ankle is considered a tease. In these cultures, rape is endemic and rarely illegal. In some places, women are prosecuted and even killed for allowing themselves to be raped. There is no level of modesty at which men stop objectifying men. On the other hand, cultures where women are free to dress sexy have less rape. Think about it. According to your theory, there should be more rape at Hooter's where men are driven "sex crazy" and less rape in the military, in churches, in schools, and in prisons, places where modest attire is required. Yet, we know the opposite is true. Did you know there has been an 85% reduction in rape in the US over the past 30 years, certainly the least modest time in US history? Some experts actually correlate the rise of pornography with the decline in rape. One last thought: in most circumstances, men dress less modestly than women. Men wear speedos where women wear bikinis. Men go shirtless where women wear a t-shirt. Men let their butts hang out of their pants where women wouldn't dare. Yet men never hold themselves accountable for the desires of women or gay men. If you don't approve of objectifying women, then control yourself.

  • No way Jose

    Women dressing in sexually provocative actually benefits American society. It acts almost as a treat for us men who are attracted to women. Of course it cannot be too sexually provocative, but i see nothing wrong with a woman wearing skin tight pants. She is proud of what her bottom half looks like, so why take away her pride?

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