• Yes yes yes

    All museums should be funded by donations and run entirely by volunteeers. Alternatively, Let the rich pay for them with taxes. For Joe Average, All museums should be free to visit.

    I also believe babies and toddlers should be banned from museums. They're too young to appreciate it, So no point in taking them. Plus they ruin everyone else's nice time. Get a freakin' babysitter! Who says it has to be a family outing rather than a parents-and-big-kids outing?

  • Yes It Would

    I believe it would benefit society to make all museums free to visit. I personally love museums, but I do seek out those that are free. I think these facilities are a great part of America, but when they charge entrance fees they are cutting off people who can't afford them, such as myself.

  • Museums should be free for all to visit.

    Our cultural heritage is locked up in museums, as many people see the situation. But it doesn't have to be this way. The treasures and wonders of our country's museums should be easier for all to see, and not just on a computer screen. This means the government providing funds to make museum admission free.

  • Yes, it would benefit society if museums were free.

    I definitely think that it would benefit society if all museums were free to vistit. I think that a lot of people would be more willing to go and learn a lot about history if such venues didn't cost money to go to. I think that it is important for society to learn about our past.

  • Museums should not be free

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  • No, museums would not be able to operate without funding.

    No, museums should not be free for everyone to visit. Museums rely on the cost of admission in order to fund their exhibits and programs. Without this funding, it would be difficult for museums to stay operational. If museums had to close because they didn't have enough money to run, this would be a huge disservice to society.

  • It would not benefit society to make all museums free to visit.

    It would not benefit society to make all museums free to visit. There are people out there that would still not go to a museum even if it were free to visit. I think if you are the type to visit a museum then you have the available funds to do so.

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