Would it benefit the United States to engage in stronger relations with Iran in the interest of curbing foreign terrorism?

  • very sensible decision

    It is a sensible and realistic decision for the US to have a stronger relations with Iran for the purpose of curbing foreign terrorism because as the saying goes "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" as friends, Iran would feel the need to protect and inform an ally.

  • Yes, I think it would benefit the United States to have stronger relations with Iran.

    The constantly hostility between Iran and the United States just breeds resentment between the two nations and incites terrorist groups in Iran to plot against the United States, a working relationship between Iran and the United States would be beneficial in many ways where the intelligence forces of the countries could combine and root out potential terrorists.

  • It's time to shake hands and forgive.

    I think that it's time for us to open a dialog with Iran. The original leaders of their revolution have died off. A new and more moderate breed of politician is in charge there now, and they seem open to the idea as well. It would make us look very gracious to normalize relations with Iran.

  • Yes, it would

    It is always beneficial to strengthen ties with other nations in the interest of helping one another achieve what the countries realistically want. Iran has slightly more interest in appeasing the United States than it did a few months ago, but still for the most part the relationship between the two countries is bad. Improving it can only help in eliminating terrorism, and other topics.

  • It would not benefit the United States to engage in stronger relations with any nation that cannot be trusted.

    It is worthwhile to invest in strong relations with countries that express genuine agreement that strengthening ties would be mutually beneficial for both nations. Unfortunately, Iran is not a nation that has demonstrated in the past that it is a nation that can be trusted at face value. Before embarking on stronger relations with Iran, the United States should require Iran to demonstrate the veracity of its intent.

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