Would it make sense to keep Affirmative Action in place, but to make it based upon economic situation instead?

  • Yes, this might be a good solution.

    So it might be good to keep affirmative action and first take race into account. However, after that economic situation would be the defining criteria for someone being eligible for affirmative action. That would mean that wealthier minorities would be subject to the same criteria as those who are not minorities.

  • Flawed but should be considered over the current system

    I don't see many reasons why not, and it would get to the route of the problem which is a major bonus. It is debatable whether we should introduce affirmative action for the benefit of ethnic minorities or women, but it is undeniable that the poor should be given opportunities in the job market. The one problem I can see with this is that a poor person may not be as skilled at a position as a more well off applicant. The richer applicant may be able to generate more money for the company as they are likely to be better educated. For this reason it may be deemed unfair to choose applicants for a job who may be unfit to do what is required of them for economic growth. (sorry I know I am sitting on the fence for this, but there is no in the middle button)

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