Would Jamaica be better off under British rule?

Asked by: Mike01506
  • Well, it's what Jamaicans seem to be saying.

    Going from this website:

    It would appear that Jamaicans are under the impression that their decision to go independent was a bad idea. And it's no surprise.
    Jamaica, a poverty stricken Caribbean land with crime and unemployment through the roof. I believe their downward spiral was down to their choice to go independent, without being ready for it. Nobody is willing to step in to deal with their massively corrupt justice and policing system, because independence is independence.
    It is time for the British to reclaim their former colony? Well I believe the time may be right for it, but whether the British economy (which is still a little weak at the knees) can sustain the many issues of Jamaica, is well, uncertain.
    Perhaps yet again another story of colonies pushing for independence, then suffering at the hand of their own people and wondering why nobody is helping them.

    If we had the money, I'm sure that we could keep law and order at an acceptable level because we have systems that are not corrupt or in complete shambles.

  • Absolutely Correct Sir

    This is a sad case because of course Great Britain with Scotland or not will not choose to take over Jamaica again. The asked and received and to be honest people are happy in Jamaica, many really want to migrate to Ethiopia and if you want to go to Ethiopia then situations at home must be bad. If the UK agreed, better days are to come but their peaceful religion is strong and God never lets his children drown.

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