Would Jean-Marie Le Pen make a better French president than Francois Hollande?

  • It is not that hard to be a better president than Hollande

    Yes, I believe that Jean-Marie Le Pen would definitely make a president. As old as he is, he would still make a better French president. Hollande has fumble through years of issues and scandals to include his mistress and his positions in immigration and foreign policy. Hollande's approval rating is so small it is almost undetectable. Any other person than Hollande would suffice as a president.

  • Almost anyone would make a better president than Hollande.

    Jean-Marie Le Pen is 85-years-old and retired -- his daughter Marine currently leads the Front National -- but even he would make a better French president than Francois Hollande. Hollande's presidency has been one long string of blunders and scandals. His positions of immigration and foreign intervention are deeply misguided and understandably unpopular. It is little wonder his approval rating is in the teens. Thus Le Pen or most anyone else would make a better president.

  • No One Likes a Cheater

    The only issue Francois Hollande has presented to the French people is the fact that he loves having his mistress around the presidential palace. Jean-Marie Le Pen would make a better president than Hollande. Charles de Gaulle, who is turning over in his grave, would make a better French president than Hollande. Queen Elizabeth II would make a better French president than Hollande and she already has a commonwealth to oversee!

  • Yes, Hollande has not addressed problems.

    Yes, Jean-Marie Le Pen would make a better French president that Francois Hollande, because Hollande has not cared to really address problem. Hollande has enjoyed being famous, he has enjoyed a lot of women, but he has not really worked to solve any problems. Le Pen would have actually worked harder for the people, rather than just enjoy the spoils of political office.

  • It's depends of what democratie means to you

    The fact that Jean Marie Lepen is a racist (did I say facist?) and François Hollande is a republican is enough for me to say that there is no debate. But to be more specific I can argue that François Hollande allows marriage to people from the same sex while J-M. Lepen would them in prison. You can't judge a political person on what he did with is penis but on what he did for the country. Also nobody in France what to see Lepen President (2002)... Wait except the racists ones.

  • The real answer is we don't know

    I don't think that Jean Marie Le Pen would have been a better president. It is always easy to second guess and think that but it is not fair to either person. Jean Marie would have led the country differently but who knows what issues or problems it would have led to in the long run. We will simply never know the truth.

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Jifpop09 says2014-02-06T18:22:35.877
Not a lot of french people on this site. Well, I'm french american.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-05-04T06:03:23.067
What the heck o_0 Would anyone consider that anti-semitic homophobe a better president than Hollande? Hollande is not good, but...

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