Would Jesus have approved of the Catholic Church?

  • "You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it" (Matt. 16:18)

    No matter how many bad things those in the Church have done, the Church is the Bride of Christ, and He loves her no matter what. As Matthew 18:18 says, "Whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven." Even if the people in the Church do bad things, their authority in faith and morals cannot be impugned, given as it was by Jesus himself.

  • Of all the christian denominations

    Yes, why wouldn't He be? Any human organization will be flawed, but it will have positive sides as well.
    As we can all see on our right, many of the protestant denominations are lost in their parent-infused hatred and misconceptions. The Catholic Church has done its best and is consistent with the Bible. Unlike Protestants which follow the hilariously ironic Sola Scriptura (which directly births Sola Fida through the elimination of the Book of St. James) the Catholic Church is beacon of light. Hopefully it will inspire Protestants to have a reading comprehension beyond the fourth grade.

  • Yes, of course he does

    Of course Jesus approves of the Catholic Church. There is nothing wrong with it, and it performs it's duties exactly as he intended; it's the physical representation of Himself on his physical earth. If he didn't approve of His Church, then he wouldn't approve of Himself, which doesn't make sense.

  • Yes He Would

    The Catholic Church is not ideal, but Jesus would be pleased by the emphasis on social justice and the general intent to love on another. The Church has some faulty theology, but I don't think Jesus expects any church to be perfect but rather that the do their best to love one another make right their wrongs.

  • Yes, since he founded it.

    Since Jesus founded the Catholic Church when he made Peter the first Pope, in Matthew 16:18, he said, "And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it." That was the start of The Church. Would he approve of every person in The Church, and every decision that's been made in The Church's name, no, he would not. However, he would approve of The Church as a whole.

  • Certainly He would not and does not

    One can only imagine the Spotless Son of Mary as contrasted to the pompous and pretentious Pope of Rome who claims to be the "vicar" of Christ on earth. The Catholic church relegates the Bible to the level of "dead letter" and "lifeless book" - then claim that they only are the sole authoritative interpreters of it. Jesus repeatedly replied, "It is written..." The Catholic Church looks to itself - not a "it is written" - as the authority.

  • No, Jesus would likely be appalled by the Catholic Church

    I feel that Jesus would definitely not approve of the modern day Catholic Church. The countless instances of sexual child abuse, power grabs and strong attempts to influence political policy are not actions that are in line with the beliefs of Jesus. It seems the Church is more intent on maintaining its power and influence than anything else.

  • The church resides within us.

    No! Jesus would not have looked favourably upon the wealth, power and grandeur of the church. Look at how much money the church has. Jesus said that it would be easier to thread a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to go to heaven. He also told the rich man to give all his wealth away, and he would not. The church has land, gold, silver, money, property, wealth. . He would have walked into the Vatican and thrown over the tables, just like he did with the tax collectors!!

    Jesus was also very peaceful and free of sin. How many thousands were burnt at the stake in the name of god, the Gnostics, and other ‘non-believers’. Does it not say not to kill in the commandments, does it not say love thy neighbor. . . Jesus would have been disgusted in the church, and government. .

  • 'God made him who knew no sin become sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him.' II Corinthians 5:21

    This is the great doctrine of Justification on which the Reformation
    was won.
    The early Reformers had no plan to start a new church - they were Bible believing Catholics trying to save Rome from its false teachings.
    Luther turned to Paul's Letter to the Romans.
    The doctrine of Justification is all from Paul.
    Paul's foundation is the finished work of Christ the Redeemer on Calvary.
    As the old hymn says, 'On Christ the solid rock I stand - all else is sinking sand.'
    Catholic priests offer up the sacrifice of their Mass every day, but Jesus Christ appeased the wrath of God in his death on Calvary.
    Christ's sacrifice on Calvary is finished.
    It cannot be offered up again.
    That is the meaning of Christ's words on the Cross as he poured out his precious blood - 'It is finished.'
    On the Cross Jesus made a spectacle of all the works of darkness.
    Here is the Good News that Catholics need to hear.
    On the Cross, God the Father treated Jesus as if Jesus had committed every sin that had ever been committed by every believer.
    Jesus who had lived a perfect life, felt the full fury of God's wrath against sinners.
    Jesus paid the penalty in full.
    Willingly, Jesus paid the penalty for my sins.
    And Jesus' perfect righteousness is imputed to me, a free gift.
    That is Justification.
    Jesus lived a perfectly righteous life so that his righteousness could be imputed to every sinner who believes the Gospel.
    God the Father is begging sinners to be reconciled to him through his Son.
    We as sinners cannot appease the wrath of God.
    No pope can appease the wrath of God against sin.
    No Mass, no novena to Mary, no good works, no special blessings by priests, no holy medals or holy doors.
    Jesus is the reconciler, only Jesus.
    Jesus is the mediator, only Jesus.
    Watch EXPOSING ROMAN CATHOLICISM (John MacArthur) on YouTube.
    Watch Dr James White's Story also on YouTube and all of Dr White's podcasts.
    Watch Richard Bennett a former Catholic priest who is now an Evangelical Christian.
    Listen to the YouTube sermon 'The Nature of Apostasy' by Arthur W Pink.
    Read the Journals of John Wesley and George Whitfield, the sermons of Charles Spurgeon, the books of John Stott.

    Always Reforming

  • Jesus would condemn the Roman Catholic Church, its popes, bishops, and secretive power base in Vatican City. Rome talks about Jesus but worships itself.

    Yes, there are Christians in the Catholic Church, but as Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones observed, they are Christians in spite of the system.
    And what is the system?
    The self-exalting priesthood and the not-to-be-questioned power of the bishops.
    See the film on YouTube, 'The Shocking Truth Why Pope Benedict Resigned (unedited version was banned in YouTube)'.
    As the film reveals, the cover-up over the massive and widespread sexual abuse of children goes all the way to the top. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict colluded in the cover-up.
    The image of the priesthood was to be protected at all costs.
    The children who were raped and abused by priests were ignored.
    For this reason alone Jesus would condemn Rome.
    Jesus gave one of his sternest warnings against anyone who would harm a child.
    But the founder of the Legionnaires of Christ died in the odour of sanctity, his crimes against little children buried under Vatican secrecy.
    The Vatican is embroiled in secrecy. Clerics in Rome vie for power and influence. A homosexual subculture flourishes.
    Jesus would have condemned all of this just as he condemned the Temple in Jerusalem.
    The Catholic Church is a cult, but many decent men and women come under the spell of the cult, simply because they confuse their sinful church with our sinless Lord, Jesus Christ.
    Even in my childhood priests were never to be questioned or exposed for any sin.
    There were no priests in the early church because Jesus and Jesus alone is our great high priest in heaven.
    The tragedy is that even educated lay Catholics do not read the writings of the Reformers such as John Calvin.
    The French reformer saw through the monstrous conceit and evil of the papacy.
    Reading the Catechism of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, or the Westminster Confession of Faith, made me see that the pope is the man of sin, indeed the antichrist of Revelation.
    Now is the time for the millions who are deceived by Rome to come into real faith and join Reformed Bible churches.
    Protestant theologian R.C. Sproul is an authority on Catholic theology and you can see him on YouTube and read his books.
    John MacArthur on YouTube also exposes the false doctrines of Rome.
    J Haggerty

  • Of course not

    The Catholic faith directly opposes many of Jesus' teachings. Exodus 20:2-6 as an example. The whole bit about kneeling before statues and worshiping idols. Basically what the entirety of Catholicism seems to focus on. And the idea of a hierarchy between a person and Jesus also goes against the his teaching. The list is long. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess he wouldn't really have approved of the whole child molestation thing either.

  • No Peter was not the first Pope

    Jesus just made him leader, along with James, to the temple in Jerusalem and the other disciples went their way to preach as commanded. There were no churches when Jesus died. There was only one Jewish temple to one God and early believers had to meet in secret. After Jesus died early believers were called The Way and not Christians till way later. Study history and you'll see

  • A church created by a roman emperor, not an apostle.

    John was the last one to die, sometime around or near 100 A.D. The Catholic, Know also as the Roman Catholic Church or Holy Roman Church was created around 380 A.D. It was legalized around 318 A.D. Now this was done by the last emperors of Rome before the Empire Died away. It was by the authority and choosing of the Emperor Constantine who hand pick the founder members of the church. As soon as the Roman Empire made Christianity its state religion, the Empire died. This hints at a strong judgment toward that empire with creating a false church threw politics and greed. The history of the power and greed of the catholic church speaks for itself. The early practices of the catholic church toward those of common birth were tyrannical and oppressive. There is a section in revelation ch.17, that prophesies about the harlot on the seven hills, I refer you to that to see how the catholic church fairs in the ends times.

  • Den of thieves

    Jesus detested the priestly aristocracy that collaborated with Rome and sold out for their own personal gain. I don't think he would look too kindly upon those who claim to be representatives of God given the fact that the catholic church today greatly resembles the Jewish impostors he reviled so much during his life time.

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Anonymous says2013-05-04T18:21:59.057
The teachings of the Church are exactly the way Christ would want. There is nothing wrong with it and this is true.
noah364 says2013-07-12T16:07:56.220
Of course not. If he did approve of a religion that centered around him, than he would be a pompous jerk who doesn't deserve to be worshiped. If he didn't approve, than he would reinforce the belief of his religion (he was Jewish) that no-one is to be worshiped or bowed down to except God himself. He wouldn't care about what the Church had done; every religion has it's good and bad times, but he would care about the fact that he was the center of it.