• Yes of course

    ,during his presidency he had founded the peace corps,Laid the frame work for us winning the space race, by initiating Project Apollo (which later culminated in the moon landings), founder of the US-Israeli military alliance. Even indirectly helping African American civil rights movements by channeling thousands of dollars to movements advocating African American civil rights.

  • Actually Wasn't That Great...

    The man was handsome, and was shot, those are what made him a presidential legend, especially because it happened in an age when information could travel quickly. The beginning of his presidency was plagued with a disability to work with congress. He couldn't pass any of the legislation that he wanted, so to avoid becoming a total failure he turned to foreign affairs. He botched the bay of pigs, and the cuban missile crisis. (We didn't win the cuban missile crisis, we lost, at the beginning of it Russia didn't have missiles in Cuba, but America had them in Turkey. By the end, Russia's position hadn't changed, but America withdrew from Turkey.) Overall, he would have been able to accomplish very little.

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