• Hell Yeah My Main Man John Kerry

    I was obsessed with Kerry during the presidential election, even though I was 7 years old and knew nothing about him (my parents never talked about him either). I think my 7-year-old self had the intuition that he would've been a better president than Bush and I think 7-year-old me was probably right.

  • Much better than President Cheney... Whoops I mean Bush

    He would have been able to make up for the stolen election in 2000, he would have tried to bring troops home from Iraq. He would have taken some of Gore's ideas to prevent Global Warming and ultimately helped society. The Bush administration screwed up America and now Obama is being attacked by conservatives.

  • Kerry would have helped the United States economically and globally.

    Yes, I think that John Kerry would have been a good president. I think that in the aftermath of 9/11, it would have done the United States good to have a change in the presidential administration. However, I think that many Americans were too scared to warrant a change. I think that given the chance, John Kerry could have helped the United States economically and globally.

  • Kerry would have done better than Bush and maybe even Obama

    It is unfortunate that nobody will ever find out what John Kerry could have done for this country. Bush left it in such a bad economical state, it's hard to know if anyone could have cleaned up his mess. Obama would have to create a committee to decide the answer to this question, but for God's sake, this country is in trouble. The debt is astronomical yet we continue to give countries costly support and billions of dollars of our hard earned money. John Kerry, yes I would give him a vote for a chance at doing better.

  • Anyone would have been better than Bush.

    Absolutely, John Kerry would have been a good President. Anyone would have been better than Bush, and how he won re-election blows my mind. We were lied into a war because of secret agendas at the cost of American and Iraqi lives. Kerry would not have done that in a million years!

  • The problem wouldn't have been President Kerry, it would have been Vice President Edwards.

    Vice President John Edwards more than likely would have had to resign after the 2008 affair where he fathered a child. President Kerry would have had to nominate a new Vice President. After what happened on September 15, 2008 with Wall Street and the bottom falling out I don't think he would have seen a second term. It is very doubtful his policies would have done much to help the country. People would have tried to use the "well at least he is bette than Bush." But other than that I don't think he would have been as the Clinton administration. Not even close

  • No, John Kerry is not presidential.

    Any democrat would be a better president than most republican candidates as far as I am concerned. However, John Kerry seems robotic and that is probably why he did not win his bid for president. I am not even sure he is as good a secretary of state as Hillary Clinton, but that is a better fit for him.

  • He could never make his mind up

    Watch the ad "John Kerry goes Windsurfing" very effective ad. This guy wasn't different from Bush until he ran against him. Kerry was for the war and he's one who signed the Patriot Act and was in favor for George W Bush's "No Child Left Behind" Act. Seeing how he would so conveniently changed his positions during the time of running and election time, it's doubtful he would have stuck to his latter positions. John Kerry wouldn't have gotten so many votes if not for the powerful anti-Bush push.

  • No. Not at all.

    The question is not 'would John Kerry have been a better President than George W. Bush', it is 'would he have been a good president'. Ultimately, his leftist economic views would not have done anything to resolve the economic issues of our country, and his views on social issues would have been extremely divisive. There's a reason people rejected him at the polls.

    Posted by: TN05

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