Would Kid Rock have been considered a musical pioneer 30 years ago?

  • Yes, but only because Kid Rock was inspired by music from thirty years ago.

    To explain, I think Kid Rock's style was influenced from the music of the 70's. Thus, he would have fit right in, and people would have really liked his music. However, there's a paradox here, because I don't think Kid Rock would have found the style of music he's plays without those that came before him in the 70's. Thus, to give an answer, I say yes. However, that's only because he's mimicking the greats of that time.

  • He has style.

    Yes, Kid Rock would have been considered a musical pioneer 30 years ago, because he has a style that makes him popular. 30 years ago, any kind of innovation or style was considered a musical pioneer. Rock has qualities and a personality that make him unique. 30 years ago he would have been unstoppable.

  • No, he wouldn't have.

    Kid Rock is extremely derivative and not creative, even considering 30 years ago. Musicians like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are bands that are considered musical pioneers in their own decade, while Kid Rock is considered a cheap, hollow excuse for entertainment that by all means brings it down as a whole.

  • No, Kid Rock would not have been a musical pioneer 30 years ago

    In the early 80's, Kid Rock's music would have been banned from many local radio stations due to the constant references to sex and drugs and to the language. The breakout artist of 1984 was Prince, who scored in the top 10 songs of the year with "When the Doves Cry."

  • Probably Wouldn't Have Gotten A Deal

    I do not believe Kid Rock would have been considered a musical pioneer 30 years ago. More than likely, 30 years ago, he would not have obtained a deal. Today's artists are very different than what they were years ago when artists required the support of their labels and depended upon them.

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