Would Legal Prostitution Better Protect Prostitutes from Violence?

  • If It's Regulated

    No one in the sex work business outside of Las Vegas has been violently abused, contracted an std, or got pregnant. It is also a great way to make money if you love having sex for a living. With set rules against harming the prostitutes in the process, then you better protect them.

  • It would help.

    A good model of this example is Nevada. In many interviews of girls who have actually worked in brothels say by their own mouth say they feel safer. There are panic buttons as well as listening devices that also help keep these girls safe.

    It is not just opinion but already proven fact.

  • Prostitutes cannot call for help

    Prostitutes are targeted by rapists, abusers and murderers because they cannot call for help because they would be charged for being prostitutes. Prostitutes cannot rely on pimps for their abusive behavior as well. But legalizing prostitution and with law enforcement keeping an eye out for licensed brothels they work at the amount of violence would be limited.

  • Yes, I am convinced that legalization of prostitution may protect prostitutes from violence .

    Legalization of prostitution is one of the big political issue. Proponents of legalization claim that legal prostitution may reduce a violent offences. In addition to that, legalization may improve working conditions of prostitutes. Next, since prostitution is illegal, therefore, it is conected with organized crime groups. This specific connection bring a number of additional troubles. For instance, drug addiction, violent offences, gembling, organized crime and human trafficking. Therefore, I am strongly convinced that legal prostitution means better protection for prostitutes.

  • Legal Prostitution Would Protect Its Workers

    Legalized prostitution would protect prostitutes from acts of violence from clients. Standardized guidelines for the care of workers would deter violence against women and men who work in this industry. Illegal prostitution increases rates of violence against women, but standardizing and legalizing it provides guidelines which ensure the safety of its workers.

  • To some degree yes

    It wouldn't eliminate the problem, customers of prostitutes tend to not be the most moral people you'll find out there, but some level of regulation would make things safer for everybody involved, both prostitutes and their clients. When you know who is where doing what, you're more apt to notice if there's a problem.

  • Legal prostitution could help.

    I think that legalizing prostitution and giving it a government run infrastructure we could save the lives of Prostitutes, cut down the illegal sex trade, and create an all around healthier environment for people. Prostitution, when done safely, is a victimless crime. There should be no punishment for that and it could help.

  • Legal prostitution would better protect prostitutes from violence.

    Legal prostitution would better protect prostitutes from violence. I am not fond of legalizing prostitution but at least it would give women and men some protection with the police from the violence that they encounter when they are working. Las Vegas does a good job at protecting their women that are out on the streets.

  • Yes, legal prostitution would better protect prostitues from violence

    Although don't think prostitution should be legalized, I do believe that legal prostitution would better protect prostitutes from violence. Being in a brothel where they could be monitored and protected by security guards would be much safer than being taken to shady hotel rooms. Clients could also be screened and monitored to make sure no violent criminals were there.

  • Legal Prostitution Increases Runaways

    If prostitution were made legal everywhere, young girls with no self esteem would find this to be the only vocation possible. Once there, they would be trapped in a world of sex-for-money for years. Legal prostitution increases drug use, increases the spread of STDs and is all-around a horrible thing for young women. Prostitutes would become second-class citizens if their profession was legalized.

  • Not at all

    Legalizing prostitution would enable violence and under handed acts of sex slavery. What would be the legal age? Do you not think there would be underage prostitutes as well? It could never be contained or organized it such a way that would be stable. Look at the Netherlands for example.

  • Legal Prostitution Wouldn't Protect Women

    Unfortunately, legal prostitution wouldn't protect prostitutes from violence and other dangerous situations. Illegal prostitution would still exist, and people would still attempt to take advantage of prostitutes either way. The violence against women will continue, and legal prostitution won't reverse this trend. Therefore, we shouldn't entertain the idea of legalizing it.

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MasturDbtor says2014-07-07T23:41:34.730
It's funny we sit around and speculate and probably nobody here knows the actual statistics of places that have legal prostitution. What are they? What does it suggest?