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  • Yes, because there would be regulation.

    The way things are now, prostitutes do not have to get check ups and this is bad for their health as well as for that of their clients. In other countries where it is legal, there is medical care and check ups and regulation that helps all concerned be more healthy.

  • Legalizing prostitution would reduce HIV/AIDS.

    Legalizing prostitution would definitely help to reduce HIV/AIDS.Legalizing prostitution would also allow the government to regulate the health of the prostitutes.If legal prostitutes had to be free of HIV then there would be a much lower chance of the disease being spread to the general public where regulation is much more challenging.

  • Regulation could slow down sexually transmitted diseases

    If prostitution was legalized and regulated so that condoms must be worn, and regular screening mandated, I think it could go a small ways towards spreading disease. Today, as opposed to ages past, the common whore isn't necessarily the spreader of disease. It's the increase in the amount of unprotected sex more people engage in with each other and spread it among themselves.

  • Regulation Breeds Safety

    If prosecution were legalized, it would bring the practice off of the streets and into places of business that are safer for everyone involved in the transaction. Regulating the health and safety practices of sex workers would be much more easily done if prosecution were legal because the practice would no longer only take place in the black market.

  • Never reduce HIV/AIDS

    Because if Prostitution is legalized then their will be too much increment of HIV/AIDS as every person will free and will like to go to these places to gain sexual satisfaction but will get this disease in return, by its legalization many people will not able to control their urge for sex...

  • No, there would be more HIV

    No, legal prostitution would not reduce HIV/AIDS, because statistically, the rate of HIV and AIDS would increase. If prostitution were legalized, there would be more of it. With more casual sex, statistically, there will be more sexually transmitted infections, and that includes HIV/AIDS. People are not going to be more responsible, simply because the activity is legalized.

  • HIV/AIDS Not Reduced With Legalized Prostitution

    I do not believe that legalizing prostitution you would lead to a reduction in HIV/AIDS cases. I'm not even sure what train of thought would lead someone to make this assumption. Legalizing prostitution means that, to some degree, prostitution would probably be utilized more often. So, that's more people having sex, rather it be protected or unprotected probably varies from person to person. I would think it would be far more sensible to assume that HIV/AIDS cases would be more likely to raise. At best case scenario they may remain about the same.

  • No it would not.

    Legal prostitution would not reduce AID/HIV. I would think if anything it would create more issues. Having it illegal is the best they can do to get people from spreading diseases but if they made it legal those who haven't done it solely because it was illegal will not jump on board.

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