Would legalization of marijuana on a federal level increase crime in the USA?

  • Competition for control.

    Yes, legalization of marijuana on a federal level would increase crime in the USA, because there would be territory wars for marijuana dealers. Also, driving while high, which kills people each year, and people do not yet appreciate what a danger that is to our society. People need to appreciate the dangers of marijuana, and the increased crime it would cause.

  • Legalization of Marijuana on the Federal Level Would Decrease Crime

    Legalization of marijuana on a federal level would not increase crime in the USA. In fact, it would decrease. Most crimes involving marijuana are possession and cultivation. That's it. Those don't need to be crimes. Second, if the demand for pot from Mexico were decreased, we would get a lot less violence from the cartels at the border. And finally, we badly need new business in this country. The possibilities are huge there.

  • Marijuana Responsible for Lots of Prisoners

    Legalization of marijuana would supposedly decrease crime on the federal level since no one would serve jail time for possessing and using the drug. A large majority of case loads on the state level would be alleviated so the criminal justice system can be used to pursue violent criminals such as child abusers and rapists.

  • It would decrease crime

    If marijuana was legalized in the United States it would decrease crime overall, because people would not be going against the law to smoke it. Also if you look at Colorado and Washington, they have not seen any increase in crime, and they both recently legalized marijuana in their states.

  • No but won't help it either

    I don't think we would see an increase in crime if marijuana were legalized at the federal level. I don't think it should be legalized though. All because it won't add to crime does not mean it is worthy for our society. I think there are no advantages and a few small disadvantages

  • Absolutely positively not!

    Wow, first off territory wars for marijuana dealers? Why? For what? If it was legalized people could simply grow it and not have to leave the privacy of their house, driving while high, ok yea ill give u that one but its still a lot safer than driving drunk, neither are really acceptable though, and with that said what kind of danger do potheads really pose to our society? The supermarket might run out of munchies? People might actually not look at law enforcement as a terrible thing because they wouldn't have to hide anything? Police could focus more on getting drugs like heroin, lsd, cocaine, meth, and other lethal killers off our streets instead of wasting money in a losing drug war, trying to remove a drug that by itself has killed NOBODY, .... EVER! Toxic effects are near to impossible achieve let alone die from... I cant believe that in todays day and age that this kind of stubbornness and ignorance still exist ... Even with documented medical uses, proof that the benefits from a economical, ecological, medical, and industrial uses far outweigh the cons of a few negatives that I doubt will ever be elaborated on, its just discouraging to me to see that our society has not progressed further than it has at a faster rate, why its ever taken this long to get things this far, however the light in a cloud of darkness is shining through turning heads, its time we take a look at this from a logical standpoint, get behind and support legislation for the legalization of marijuana, even our president knows it, our congress is starting to realize it, the only "crime" as far as marijuana is concerned is keeping it illegal... The original crime that made far to many regular everyday people criminals is prohibition, and it needs to end.

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