Would Legalizing Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide Destroy Patient Trust in the Medical Profession?

  • Yes, enacting these would make people more wary of the medical profession.

    Legalizing assisted suicide would definitely destroy trust in the medical profession. There are already horror stories from other countries that people are "let go" in order to make room in hospitals. Whether or not this is true isn't what's important, it's the fact that the rumor--real or otherwise--exists that helps prove that this would make people less trustworthy of doctors. People already have a difficult time trusting doctors; this would make them even more wary.

  • No, vets are not distrusted and they put pets to sleep.

    We would still have to choose our doctors for their knowledge as well as their compassion. If euthanasia and physician assisted suicide were legal, then we would know that we would be treated compassionately at the end of our life, as much as an animal when we see that it is suffering too much.

  • Terminal patients have the right to choose

    I've watched several people in my family waste away before my eyes from cancer, and couldn't do anything about it. The amount of pain that some people are in, that isn't going to end, gives them the right to opt for a less painful way out. I know if it was legal in my state, at least one of terminal family members would have opted for it. It has nothing to do with the medical profession as a whole, and I don't think it would have any social repercussions to doctors.

  • No it wouldn't.

    I do not think that legalizing Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide would destroy patient trust in the medical profession. As long as there are steps in place that ensure that a person is only euthanized when they want to be, then I think it would increase patient trust in the medical profession.

  • It Would Strengthen Patient Trust

    I do not believe legalizing euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide would destroy patient trust in the medical profession. I believe these are very serious issues, that responsible health providers would only accept this as an option if the patient directly asked for it. I don't think it's an option that should be offered at every course of treatment.

  • No,legal euthanasia would actually garner trust in Medical Profession

    Legal euthanasia would actually garner trust in the Medical Profession.People want a choice especially when it comes to their ultimate decision and if the medical profession is allowed to include the patient and family in the decision it is just natural that the patient will have more confidence in them.

  • Legal Euthanasia and PAT would not destroy trust in medical practitioners

    In some cases, physicians can help ease suffering through euthanasia and PAT. If the conditions are carefully controlled and monitored by outside parties, there is no reason that patient trust would damaged. Terminal patients and those in a terminal persistent vegetative state may have extreme pain and suffering and little or no quality of life, and if qualified physicians can provide relief it might not be a bad thing.

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