Would legalizing marijuana in the United States hurt the illegal drug trade?

  • Yes but it won't hurt crime

    Drug dealers and those involved in the industry are not doing manufacturing and distributing drugs because they believe drugs are a human right. They conduct these activities because it provides them with excessive sums of tax free money and so they don't have to get real jobs. If drugs were legalized it would hit there profit margins but it would not deter them from crime, they would just switch to another legal trade that can provide them with a similar income. They would not change their lives and attitudes and become office workers. The next most profitable illegal industry after drugs is human trafficking, particularly of underage girls for prostitution. Maybe we should take drug advocates stance on this and legalize prostitution with underage girls? Ridiculous, and even then the criminals would still just jump onto the next illegal industry. Wherever society sets the bar what they will actually achieve is x amount under that standard. If you then lower the standard to meet x, you still won't achieve that standard, the actual standard would just keep lowering. Legalizing any form of drugs it nonsensical. For that matter I think alcohol and caffeine should also be banned from society.

  • Yes, it would hurt the illegal drug trade.

    I believe that legalizing marijuana would in fact greatly hurt the illegal drug trade. If people who choose to or medically need to smoke marijuana can get it safely from a protected government source than they are more than likely going to choose that particular method. Therefore, the people who are selling it illegally will see a dramatic decrease in the people who chose to come to them for marijuana. It will then give them less power over others and less money in their pockets.

  • One of the reasons we should do it

    Given that marjuana does not have serious health effects, any more at least then things like caffiene and alcohol, flooding the market with a legal supply will drive down prices. When criminals can no longer profit they will get out of the market. They move on to something else, but one thing at a time, get them out of the drug business.

  • The need for an illegal drug trade in marijuana would not exist if the drug were legalized.

    If all adults were permitted to legally purchase marijuana in the United States, there would be no market for the illegal drug trade. The only way for the illegal marijuana drug trade to compete would be to undercut the cost. Selling marijuana for a lower price would not support the costs and risks involved in illegal trade. By enabling legal purchase, and better availability of marijuana, the other illegal drugs may be in lesser demand as well. The lack of demand for illegal marijuana and potential reduced demand for other illegal drugs will greatly diminish the illegal drug trade.

  • Legal takes out the crime

    Yes, legalizing marijuana in the United States would hurt the illegal drug trade. By definition, you're taking out the illegality of the trade. Still, there will be illegal drug trade going on--other drugs that are still illegal, as well as some additional trade of marijuana for those who do not qualify for legal marijuana.

  • There are Other Drugs

    Legalizing marijuana wouldn't make all the illegal pot dealers in this country just quit. They'd simply start selling harder drugs.

    Just look at moonshine. Liquor is perfectly legal, but the illegal moonshine trade stills exists. It's not as big as it used to be, but it still exists.

    Men like Pablo Escobar are going to turn a profit, whether that's done with weed, cocaine, meth, or any other drug, they'd do it.

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