• Legalizing Marijuana everywhere

    People would stop killing or being killed for having marijuana on them. Furthermore, there are drugs in this world that are legal and has worst effects and could also kill you such as alcohol and cigarettes. It would also smoking marijuana is not bad people just think it is and you may never know what the person is going through and they may not want to talk to anybody about the situation.

  • Yes it absolutely would!

    If anybody has ever heard or read about the prohibition of alcohol back in the early 1900s, it caused gangs to gain power on the streets leading to violent crimes, because the criminals were still buying and selling alcohol illegally. Innocent people were being killed or beaten, because they got caught up in these wars between criminals, which is much similar to the crimes that have happened since Cannabis has been prohibited. Cannabis is sold on the streets, regardless of it being illegal. What I'm trying to say is, when the prohibition of alcohol was lifted, criminals lost power and money and most of the violence subsided......Which is what will happen when marijuana prohibition is lifted. Legalize, tax and sell, and you will see the difference!! Nuff said!

  • Marijuana is the best

    Better than coke, crack, heroin, marijuana is the best, hands downs the best. It is simple marijuana is the best. There is nothing better than some weed, some pot, but heroin is bad, so is coke and crack, the only thing that is good now in days is weed. Yes

  • The definition of "crime" changes...

    Certainly legalization would reduce crime. The very fact that millions of Americans in prisons, or being charged would no longer fall into the category of 'criminals' would immediately change the statistics. When up to 30% of prisoners in the US are there due to marijuana-related offences, it's quite easy to see how the amount of crime will immediately decrease. And - that's only due to the changing of the definition of 'crime'. If you ADD to this the change in organized crime involvement, and you'll also see a drop in criminality on that count. Certainly many in organized crime will try to find other revenue streams - many will seek out legalized production and distribution (heck, they're already in the business!).

    Overall, there is too much evidence that crime will decrease if marijuana is legalized.

  • Would legalizing pot cut down on crime?

    Yes and no. I believe it would cut down on Marijuana related crime YES. On other crimes like murder, drunk driving, rape probably not, Marijuana smokers usual crime is 1 buying, selling, growing etc and yes there will be a significant drop in those because it will no longer be a crime.

    There will always be crime no matter what, there are just some people who will always find away to break laws, pot or no pot.

  • Yes it would reduce crime.

    If we legalize this drug, there would be less that police officers need to arrest people for. Weed is not a bad drug and only effects the person using it. Also police can then arrest people for real crimes instead of arresting them for having a plant that is grown naturally. It would boost the economy because it would be sold in smoke shops and therefore the government can tax it.

  • Yes

    About 3.4 million people get arrested every year for Mary Jane possession. About 15 million people get arrested every year. Therefore, make marijuana legalized then 3.4 million people don't get arrested every year which is a decrease of about 20%. Therefore there would be more jail space and less money wasted on pointless stuff.

  • The illegal status of marijuana causes violent activity.

    Marijuana VS Alcohol. Marijuana is easily produced with private effort, as is alcohol. Marijuana is a substance with a significant social stigma attached to it, as is alcohol. Marijuana is a substance which can cause habitual/psychological addiction, as can alcohol. Both Marijuana and alcohol stupefy those who use the substances for recreation. Marijuana is illegal, and alcohol is legal; the differences in illegal activity, cost, and quality of product are likely the exclusive result of this difference, and this is supported through observations on alcohol prohibition. Criminalization forces criminal activity to arise around products with an inelastic demand curve.

  • It probably would

    Yes, I think it might. If it were legal, then police would not have to worry about picking people up for carrying the drug and could concentrate on more important things, like actual crimes. I think that it would also reduce the number of illegal sellers of the drug, and this would also reduce crimes, such as violence related to buying/selling it.

  • Many Benefits to be had with Legalizing Marijuana

    The reason there is crime surrounding marijuana can be explained by looking at the prohibition of alcohol, as some have already mentioned. Marijuana, like alcohol or tobacco, itself is not inherently evil. Rather, the culture created around it via the criminalizing of the plant has allowed for a black market to breed crime. Decriminalizing marijuana would open up an entire market to grow, create jobs, and cause drug cartels to lose quite a lot now that they would be competing with a legal market. If society were to treat it like alcohol and regulate/tax it like tobacco, the legalization of it could greatly benefit the country. Instead of locking people up for petty drug offenses, money could be saved and redirected to substance abuse facilities and job training for those who are truly addicted to the drug (just like any other consumable product). Legalizing marijuana would also alleviate police departments so that they could focus on more harmful "crimes" that have a greater negative effect on the community.

  • Nope will not

    There is still plenty of other crimes that cause violence. The amount of violence stopped by legalizing weed would be little to none. WE have other things to worry about in this nation than worrying about the legalization of weed. I believe our nation's debt should be of larger concern.

  • Drugs are not the only industry that involve crime.

    The thought is that legalizing drugs would decrease crime because there would no longer be a need for armed dealers and turf wars. I disagree because the dealers and gangs would just reassert their "territory" over the retail vendors forcing the businesses to pay "insurance" to keep from having their businesses destroyed. This would most certainly be a large sum of the profits from the retail business because their flow of cash has been cut. If you doubt this logic, go talk to a dealer and see what he tells you, because that's what he told me.

  • It would increase crime and it's to late.

    In my opinion, the Crime rate would in fact rise a great amount. The reason I say this is due to the simple fact of having a "gateway drug" legal will in-turn increase the amount of illegal drugs. Some may argue that Marijuana is a healthy all natural herb. That may be the case but if it creates negative psychological images and abnormal feelings it might not be the best thing that would be legal. As with the negatives of smoking I personally think that inhaling anything in to the lungs isn't a normal occurrence and could create health issues later in ones life.

  • Not Helpful.

    Legalizing marijuana would not help the problem of crime. People would surely abuse and take advantage of their right to use the drug and that would cause all sorts of trouble for users and the police force. Drugs are not healthy and cause people to make very stupid choices. That is the fact of it.

  • There is no way

    You cannot simply make a drug legal and expect crime to be reduced. People will still grow and sell marijuana for cheaper prices than what is on the market. Drug dealers will not simply give up their clientele just because of a stupid legalization law. Marijuana is a business that has always been booming. If Marijuana is $20, drug dealers can sell it for $15 and make a lot more money. There will still be crime because marijuana is an addictive substance. People will do whatever it takes to get it.

  • No It Wouldn't!

    First, drug cartels. If you try to take their business, you're guaranteed a backlash! Not to mention what they could infuse into it and make it "special" marijuana and more. Second, anything unintended for the lungs cannot be good for you. Third, it causes an unclear state of mind and if it puts you in a negative mood, the user could cause violence he/she wouldn't generally enact on. There are so many more reasons and that's the beginning of what could answer this question.

  • In the short-term maybe, in the long-term hell no

    Organized crime like the cartels are the sources of the majority of serious crimes. It is true that cartels make big money off of selling drugs. A big part of that being marijuana and as a bonus weed also acts as a gateway to more expensive drugs. Legalizing weed could take away that revenue from illegal sellers. However, that doesn't change the fact that it would still act as a gateway to other illegal drugs. On top of that, the cartels would simply find ways to adapt to the different market, possibly pushing more hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. Doing drugs like that could simply become the "norm" like some people see marijuana now. By legalizing marijuana, we will simply open the door to other crimes. Where does it stop?

  • No, it would not

    The United States Federal or State governments that wish to legalize marijuana also want to give weed an extremely high sin tax. Either way, (legal or illegal), the user pays a high price for the marijuana. Also, most of the violent crime caused by gangs and cartels is not over weed, but other narcotics such as Cocaine. Medical marijuana is a different story, however. Medical marijuana has been proven to be very helpful to people with illnesses. A medical marijuana abuser is the same as any other medical drug abuser and will be treated the same.

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