Would Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide Endanger Minorities?

  • Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide is Dangerous

    If we legalized physician-assisted suicide, then such an action could potential endanger minorities. A doctor with a bias could easily help a person suggest that they opt for physician-assisted suicide. The chances of this happening are relatively low, but it's not an impossible scenario that would never come up these days.

  • Yes it would.

    Legalizing physician assisted suicide would endanger minorities in my opinion. Unfortunately, minorities would be the first to go in assisted suicide and physicians would prefer to keep caucasians alive over any minorities. I do not think this is right but studies show that that is what would occur and I dont agree with it.

  • An advocate of that minority group could review the life-ending decision.

    When medical care is provided by doctors and nurses primarily from one racial group, then there are justifiable fears from members of minority groups that they will not receive medical care of the same quality as patients who belong to the same group as the providers. To prevent even the appearance of discrimination, one of the safeguards might be to have the life-ending decision reviewed by an (open-minded) leader of that minority community:

  • Not at all

    Legalizing physician assisted suicide would not endanger minorities any more than it would endanger other people. The people who would be in the most danger would be the ones affected by mental illness. They can not always make the right decisions in life and could possibly sign up for assisted suicide without understanding the full consequences of it.

  • No more than anyone else.

    No, legalizing physician assisted suicide would not endanger minorities anymore than it would endanger any other segment of the population. There is no reason to believe that all of the doctors out there are a bunch of racists who want to kill off minorities. Physician assisted suicide carries a high likelihood of abuse, but it is not targeted towards minorities.

  • This would not be a concern.

    No, there would be no widespread culling of minorities if physician assisted suicide was allowed. For one thing, it wouldn't be considered suicide if a medical professional could simply terminate human life, we'd call it murder. The permission would have to be granted beforehand, by the patient, understanding what is going on.

  • It would not.

    Legalizing physician assisted suicide would not endanger minorities. This make absolutely no sense at all. If it was legal, do you think doctors everywhere would start killing minority groups just because of physician assisted suicide was legal? No, and why is that? Because that is an absolutely absurd way of thinking.

  • Legalizing physician assisted suicide would not endanger minorities.

    Legalizing physician assisted suicide would not endanger minorities. Minorities are not more subject to this law than any one else. Every one, under this law, would have a right to die with some dignity. Every one dies, so it is not like the law is favoring one race over another.

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