Would Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide Endanger People with Disabilities?

  • There would be extra risk

    Yes if you legalize physician assisted suicide you are putting some people at risk including those with disabilities. The way to counteract this is to set up a strict process that must be followed and that is closely watched. You need to stop people from taking advantage of the new law.

  • Yes. Legalized suicide in any form is wrong.

    Yes. Legalizing physician-assisted suicide would be an extreme danger to those with disabilities. People with physical disabilities often physically suffer; however, sometimes they also suffer mentally as they battle their physical ailment. Marketing assisted suicide would endanger those weakened by their illness into thinking suicide could be an option. Only God should decide when it is a person's time to die.

  • No it doesn't endanger the disabled.

    Ok well first of all I have a physical disabily so don't take what I'm about to say too lightly. I am currently extremely happy with what I've achieved in life and do not plan to end it any time soon. That being said a friend of mine has a disability which slowly weakens his muscles until he eventually has no chest muscle strong enough to breath. He went from a perfectly ok child to an angry child in a wheelchair in a matter of a few weeks. If he where me I wouldn't be here today. He's still here but is still getting worse. I really do admire him for never loosing his composure in others company. A thing I could never do. After seeing him go through all that I believe it should be the persons choice. All who disagree need to wake up.

  • Regulations should protect those with disabilities

    No, I do not believe that legalizing Physician assisted suicide would actually endanger people with disabilities. There would be rules and regulations regarding the execution of the assisted death. Merely being disabled should not warrant a good reason to request death. The decision should be a collaboration of the doctors, patients, and other subject matter experts.

  • Legalizing physician-assisted suicide would not endanger people with disabilities.

    Legalizing physician-assisted suicide would not endanger people with disabilities. I think that this should be a last resort option and only if the person has no chance to recover and is suffering. There is no reason why we should allow a person to suffer if they do not want to.

  • Proper Paperwork Must Be in Place

    People with disabilities won't be endangered as physician-assisted suicide must be in place for terminally ill patients only. People with disabilities aren't necessarily in danger of dying. Proper paperwork must be signed while the person is of the right mind before physician-assisted suicide is implemented. Legalizing euthanasia gives patients a final choice if everything else has failed.

  • People with disabilities will not be endangered by legalized physician-assisted suicide

    People with disabilities will not be endangered by legalized physician-assisted suicide as it would be heavily regulated and it would likely be impossible for those people who are not able to adequately communicate their preferences to be allowed to utilize the service. It would be a way for those in possession of their facilities and are mentally sound to end their suffering in a humane manner. It likely would require hours of medical questionnaires and red tape before it would be considered.

  • Suicide should be a choice

    Allowing for voluntary euthanasia, or physician-assisted suicide as it is now often called, as long as it was strictly voluntary, would not endanger people with disabilities. Due to the history of eugenics, people are naturally weary of giving doctors and others the ability to end people's lives like this, but people should have the choice to commit suicide as well if they so wish.

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