Would Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide Endanger the Elderly?

  • Physician-Assisted Suicide Endangers Elderly

    Without a doubt, physician-assisted suicide endangers the elderly. It puts that person's decision of ending their life into the hands of another person too much. A person shouldn't be able to turn to their doctor and request death. In reality, doctors aren't meant to make that kind of life or death situation.

  • Yes, they would be killed.

    Yes, legalizing physician-assisted suicide would endanger the elderly, because many people would take it in their own hands to kill people that they think are too old to contribute to society. Especially now that we are all responsible for each others' health costs, the government will encourage some people to die early so that they will not cost us a lot of money. This puts the elderly at risk.

  • Yes to a point it would

    Legalizing physician assisted suicide would in fact endager the elderly. There would be a lot of people who would try to get away with murder under this law. This is why if we do allow for it we need to find a system that keeps everyone safe and closesly monitors what goes on.

  • Legalizing Physician-Assisted suicide would cause a negative impact on the immobile elderly's lives.

    By making it legal for physicians to assist suicide, you would be causing problems in the lives of the elderly as many of them do not have the means of communication to express their views on life. Basically all it would be doing is releasing a possible burden on their children's lives, but it would be taking the lives of innocent elderly men and women, who may not have been ready to go.

  • A danger to who?

    I can't fathom how physician-assisted suicide would endanger anyone, elderly or not. The decision to take one's life because of immense suffering or pain should be the decision of the person, regardless of age, and allowing a physician to do it comfortably and reasonably should be a right afforded to all people.

  • Legalizing physician-assisted suicide would not endanger the elderly.

    Legalizing physician-assisted suicide would not endanger the elderly. It would just give the terminally-ill patients another resource that they could use. I do not think we should be allowed to let them suffer if they do not want to anymore. I think it would be left up to them and their doctor as an alternative.

  • Physician Assisted Suicide Would Not Endager Elderly

    No, legalizing physician assisted suicide would not endanger the elderly. The entire point of physician assisted suicide is to provide a dignity in death for those who are experiencing chronic, terrible pain. This is not limited to the elderly, and the elderly would not be encouraged to use this for no reason.

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