Would Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide Endanger the Poor?

  • Yes, because they cannot pay for health services.

    Yes, legalizing physician-assisted suicide would endanger the poor, because they would face a lot of pressure to end their lives. The poor cannot pay for health insurance or health care. Physicians would want to end the lives of the poor earlier, if they cannot pay for expensive health care. It should not be an option, because the poor will be taken advantage of.

  • No who said they could afford

    If this type of thing became legal in the United States it does not mean that the poor would be able to pay for it. I am sure that the poor would not be able to go out and do this. I also I don't believe that people will do this for free.

  • Poor Couldn't Pay For It

    Poor people wouldn't be able to afford physician-assisted suicide in the first place. Anyone on Medicaid or Medicare wouldn't have this type of procedure covered by medical insurance, just like not a single cent of federal money goes to fund abortions. Physician-assisted suicide should be a medical option, but it doesn't necessarily endanger poor people who simply want to end their lives due to socioeconomic circumstances. Clear guidelines must be in place for the terminally ill before euthanasia measures are authorized.

  • No,legalizing physician-assisted suicide would not endanger the poor.

    Physician assistted suicide would not automatically endanger the poor.Many industries profit off the fact that certain groups of people are less healthy than other groups.These companies would never allow the group of people to start dying off in large numbers endangering their bottom line or their future chance of profits.

  • Physician-Assisted suicide has no relation to the poor

    No, I do not believe that physician assisted suicide will endanger the poor. Everyone, regardless of their social status should have the right to chose whether they live or die. The decision should be made with the recommendation of the doctor which is the subject matter expert in the situation. Depression is not a case that assisted suicide should be granted.

  • Physician-Assisted Suicide Would Not Endanger Poor

    No, legalizing physician-assisted suicide would not endanger the poor as physician-assisted suicide would be a service availible no matter what economic background a person comes from. While it may be true that the poor would utilize the service more often due to not having access to as many measures, this is not endangering them.

  • No, legalizing physician-assisted suicide would not endanger the poor.

    For physician-assisted suicide to be dangerous to the poor, it would have to performed against the wishes of the poor. There is a difference between rounding up the poor to be slaughtered, and letting it be legal for people in a great deal of suffering and pain to end their lives painlessly by signing documents and giving verbal consent.

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