• No more distress over eating

    I find eating such a stressor in my life, i struggle not to use food as an emotional comfort, it doesnt work long term, just makes me fatter and hate myself more, then i eat cos im distressed. If i never had to eat again id be happier. It doesnt bring me joy. Doing proper meals is a hard effort at the moment and when i eat them i dont feel anything much. Its boring.

  • Eating is time consuming

    We take at least half an hour to comfortably eat each meal. Assuming an individual takes three meals a day that would mean at least one and a half hours wasted on eating, notwithstanding planning what to eat, cooking or ordering and waiting in line for food, plus cleanup. If that time could be saved

  • Better Life For All

    It would be easier to save money, easier for poor people, we would require less to survive, food would only be for those who love it which is just ignorant and selfish, also the sewage system would be cleaner and also no need to kill every animal for sustenance which caused many extinctions

  • No body starving

    The third world problems would end. Im telling you it is completely unnecessary unless its for pleasure. All of the deaths would end because of no starving children. If humans didnt have to eat, we could focus on homeless people. I belive it it wierd and not needed j i

  • Absolutely, a new level of liberty

    Not being forced to eat food to maintain life would help us to be able to eat what we want rather then what we have to eat to live. If we are not hungry then we could space out our urges to snack and we could eat more unhealthy tasty food as we wouldn't eat it as much as we do when hunger makes gluttons out of us.

  • Of course it would

    Ever heard of #thirdworldproblems? Yeah, thought so.. (really do not need to say anything else).
    We would not need to make food which occupies so much space, (factory farms could be forest reserves).
    However, the question is if food is not NEEDED. This implies food can STILL BE CONSUMED, only that it is not essential to sustain life. So, you can still enjoy food whenever you want. Food may still be grown but at lesser numbers, it will become recreational more than a life necessity.

    This perhaps may even make eating food a more 'fun' thing to do than it currently is.
    There is literally no cons in this.

  • Less Money Spent Towards Food

    Imagine a world where food wasn't needed. We wouldn't have to cook and thus would have more free time. We would have our money better spent (we wouldn't have to worry about food). Plus, we wouldn't have to worry about calories, GMOs, or pesticides. A world without eating would be awesome!

  • I love food.

    Food brings so much happiness to people. Some of my best memories revolve around food. Even before you eat, just the smell of food cooking can lift your spirits. Then when you sit down for a meal, just looking at it makes you imagine how good it will taste. The best thing still has to be eating the meal. Most people enjoy the meal so much they get seconds or thirds. It is for these reasons that many people also enjoy making the food and the love they put into the meal shows.

  • Well, all things considered....

    On one hand, we would never get fat or starve.......And another hand, we'd never be able to eat anything. Well, food is a big (huge) part of my culture (and other cultures) down here in the South. "You know the thing about good food? It brings folks together from all walks of life. It warms them right up and it puts little smiles on their faces"(Jame, P&F). I eat breakfast with my family, lunch with my friends, and dinner with a mix of both. Food can make you happy, comfort you, or bring you closer to someone. It's one of the things that makes life worth living. Yes, you'd have to know what it's like to feel hungry, but you would also get to feel full. It's one of the things that makes us human.

  • Whatt, no way!!!

    No fucking way, I love food!!! Just think about it, if it weren't for food life would be meaningless, no flavor no nothing, we would be insipid. I understand it would end world hunger but we can do that now, we throw food away all the time, i think food should be limited to buy so we would all eat the same and then end world hunger, fuck no taste love food!!!

    Posted by: inry
  • My Answer Is A Big Yummalicous NO! (Sorry If It Doesn't Make Sense)

    I Love MY Food!! It's Soo Yummy! Even Though It Might Be Expensive And We Could've Spent The Money On Other Things, Food Fills Us Up. And Our Food Gives Us Everything We Need To Go Through The Day With A Nice Big Smile And Happy Thoughts! ( A Chef Came Into Our School And He Shouts Out Soo Loud That The Following Is Stuck In My Head ) : It Gives Us Carbohydrates (Energy), Protein (Growth And Repair), Vegetables And Fruits (Healthy), Fat (Insulation), Fibre (Digestion System), Calcium, Vitamins And Stuff Like That!
    Plus A Yummy Cake Is Sure To Make You Feel Happy!! XD

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Formerland1 says2014-07-27T22:30:24.850
If we didnt need food a lot of land would be freed up as well as people would be able to go long ways without stop, space colonization would be easier .
Vere_Mendacium says2014-07-28T02:28:24.470
I think it would be even better if we didn't have to sleep