Would life be boring if all our problems were solved?

  • Yes life would be very boring.

    What makes life grand and exciting is not knowing everything, but still having many thing to solve and wonder about what could be the answer to it. I always reference video games to this question, when you use a cheat to unlock everything in a video game usually you get bored and abandon the game a few days later where as if you have to play through the whole game to obtain everything and not use any extra help to unfairly gain anything, you stick to it for weeks, months, or even years.

  • Yes, life would be boring if there were no problems.

    Even though most of us probably would not like to admit it, problems add purpose to our lives. A simple scenario to equate this to would be playing a video game. There are often cheats. Some cheats are sometimes fun to get when they're not that big. But every once in a while, you'll run into a cheat that solves all of the game's problems, and suddenly, well, the game isn't even fun anymore. Life is like that, too. We need to have challenges and things that keep our brains working. Without problems that need solutions, there would be no science, no medicine, no inventions. We would lose the drive to invent and create.

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