• Imagine there was no Heaven

    These words by John Lennon sum up what a perfect world would be like. No religion means no indoctrination and forcing of ridiculous ideas onto societies which have evolved through time to be rational. Religion hurts people as has been seen in theocracies around the world, and the religious right that force their agendas down secular peoples throats.

  • Life would be much easier

    Life would be easier because you would have no fear of death or having to spend time going to church etc.

    There would be more free will and you would be able to create your own morals without worrying what some cruel god says. There would be less wars, murder, torture and we be under less control.

  • Anti Theists Opinion

    Alright, as stated in the title I am an anti theist. What is this you ask? I am purely against religion. I know it may seem a little ridiculous to some but lets look at the facts here. 1. There have been countless wars started because of various religion. 2. How many children are starving in your country alone? I can bet it's more than you can count on your fingers and your toes multiplied by a ridiculously large number. Why do I mention this? Well look at all the money that goes into churches and religious activities. 3. Not that this hasn't happened before but recently a young girl committed suicide solely for the reason that she honestly believed she could be with her father in heaven, now that mother is without a husband and a daughter. 4. Well honestly the whole recent child molestation thing by people in the Catholic hierarchy disgusts me. 5. Finally I'd say that we could create a great little fairy tale out of the bible considering it really already is. =]

  • Yes, it's definitely worth it

    Just read the news on any given day. Look at ISIS and the other terrorist groups. Look at all the murders driven solely by religious anger. Heck, just look at WWII. 13 million dead, all because they weren't Christian. Many people are starting to turn to science and LOGIC, since that's what gives us the real answers. I understand people don't want to give up being rewarded by God when they're good, but please. Too many people have died over these petty conflicts.

  • Yes absolutely !

    Religion is, in the simplest of terms, ones spiritual beliefs and faiths and usually the things one bases their morals and ethics off of. Well there are so many different religions meaning there are so many different morals and beliefs of what's right and wrong. These differences are what cause people fight and go to war. Without religion, people would be forced to find their own way, and maybe people would be more rational and agree with one another.

  • Religion exists to make life easier

    The problem with religion isn't religion but tolerance. A lot of extremists use religion for their own ends, but religion itself exists to give people a certain grounding. Practicing religion can be extremely beneficial to many people, and indeed it can make their lives easier by giving them a certain moral and ethical grounding that they cannot find on their own.

  • Not necessarily, it depends what you replace it with. Statism is the new religion and it is NOT better

    I am not here to defend religions as they as a collective, hierarchical group have done great damage to countless societies. However, it is typical for people of the left who are atheists to stop believing and placing their higher power in a God or diety, but place their higher power in the State.

    Statism is the belief that the State has the moral obligation to control it's citizens, economy, and social policy in it's territory. It is the belief that the state now replaces God(s) as the highest moral authority, and it can be granted and has the right to do anything it wishes, as it is the highest moral entity known.

    This Statism belief has caused FAR more deaths than the collectivist religions have. Democide-death by government. Just the communist regimes of the 20th century have killed near 100 million people. The US government has killed hundred of thousands of people in it's War on (of) Terror.

    Most of these religious wars of the past were, in fact, started and organized by the rulers of the time. They just used religion as a means to their end.

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PROFMANEER says2013-12-16T07:03:14.170
NO life cannot even be possible without religion,religion bring rules and regulation,mode of living ,bussiness and soon