Would limits on guns harm women disproportionately?

  • Yes.

    Women are known to be physiologically weaker than men, this is not stereotype, it is fact. If a man wanted to harm a woman, by rape, murder, assault, etc, it is much easier for him to do so, as she is not as physically capable. This is why so many women nowadays WANT firearms and firearms training, they don't feel confident or safe enough. And while it affects everyone cataclysmically, women have less chance of surviving an encounter with a violent criminal. Women need guns to protect their families and homes when men aren't around. I am by no means a feminist, however it is most certainly true that a criminal will have an easier time doing whatever he wants to a woman, than to a man.

  • YES

    If you're not really accurate with pepper spray, you're screwed. If your taser malfunctions, you're screwed. If you're facing more than one attacker, those things are going to be completely useless. Having a gun, though, just seeing that can be a powerful enough bluff to scare a group off without you even having to use it.

    The bottom line is that there are a lot of times where women use guns to defend themselves, and all these people that don't think gun limits will disproportionately effect women don't live in the real world.

    You know what these folks want to ban? "Assault" weapons. These are the weapons that don't have to be reloaded every two seconds, generally are lighter in weight, and have less of a kickback. Guess who those are perfect for? Yeah, that's right. Women.

    A lot of women cannot handle traditional guns. The make is too heavy, and the kickback is ridiculous. The guns that women can use more easily and more comfortably are also the ones that people want to ban.

    Yes, it's very likely that gun limits would effect women disproportionately.

  • Limits Affect Everyone

    Limits on guns would affect every law-abiding citizen negatively, not just women in particular. It has been shown time and time again that criminals do not obey any laws at all, especially laws regarding the control and sale of guns. Banning guns simply allows criminals to have unarmed targets, which is exactly what they want.

  • There are already many self-defense tools available to women

    Women already have many specialized self-defense tools designed to be used to incapacitate a physically-stronger attacker, such as pepper spray, mace, and tasers - all of which are tools often used by the police to subdue violent suspects. In fact, since it is much easier to use these tools against attackers that are not armed, gun limitations could very easily level the playing field in women's favor.

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