Would making robots do all the mundane jobs while the government gives everyone an monthly allowance work in an economic/societal sense?

  • We are the extra revenue.

    The need for money will be effectively eliminated. We would devote our resources toward the maintenance of the robots, and the pursuits of extracurricular activities. Those who are in charge of maintaining the robots would be our most respected jobs. We don't just want this to come to fruition, we NEED it.

  • Not at all.

    The government gets its revenue from taxes. Eliminating menial jobs would lead to a major decrease in tax revenue. In turn, providing a monthly allowance to the citizens will drive up government spending after taking the hit of mass unemployment. Where is the extra revenue supposed to come from?

    Posted by: Sdio

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jaksunmadness says2015-12-04T09:00:06.893
The idea of robots doing all the jobs sounds like the government can take full control over citizens by monopolizing all the robots so all the jobs you would be doing is for the government