Would Mandatory Parental Notification Laws Regarding Contraceptive Prescriptions Negatively Affect Teenage Girls' Health?

  • Yes, this would affect many aspects of teen's health. Physically and mentally.

    Mandatory parental consent would destroy the teen's well-being and health in many cases. More bad than good. For one, required parental consent is an infringement on the Constitutional right of privacy. Furthermore, requiring consent would cause more teens to become afraid than safe. Afraid of what their parents or guardians would say would cause adolescents to not even think about contraceptives in the first place. They would find it too much of an embarrassment or even being negatively put down or shunned by their own parents/guardians. With all of this in mind, STD's and unplanned pregnancies would run rampant. Confidentially is a key factor whether or not teens will speak up, or shut up.
    There is also the fact of, what if a young female teen is raped and can not receive contraceptives? Many people will say that, she could just tell her parents. Although this all may be true, but to gain all the approval needed would take too long. Rendering the emergency contraceptive useless since it must be taken within 72 hours of intercourse.

  • Yes, Mandatory Parental Notification Laws would be detrimental to Teenage Girls health

    I believe that teenagers in general are sexually curious, and will act on the curiosity they have by having sex. If parents are notified when contraceptives are prescribed, then we run the risk of some parents not allowing their teenage girls to have access to the contraceptives. Then, if the girl has sex she runs the risk of becoming pregnant or gaining an STD.

  • No, it would protect it.

    No, mandatory parental notification laws regarding contraceptive prescriptions would not negatively affect the health of teen girls, because they will receive even better care with parental involvement. Parental notification allows make sure that these teens are receiving education about their decisions. It ensures that they are making informed choices with the help of their parents.

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