• Yes, Thatcher's reforms would work in 2013.

    Yes, I think that Thatcher's reforms would work in 2013 and would help to control government spending and somewhat stymie an expansion of government that seems to be nearing socialistic levels. I think that Thatcher's reforms would hold politicians accountable and that they could keep the government in check with the people.

  • I believe so!

    Margaret Thatcher was an excellent Prime Minister who turned around England's economy. She decreased unemployment and proved that women are intelligent enough to be in power and take care of business. Our president needs to use Margaret Thatcher as an example of how he can turn our economy around. She in an inspiration to women power!

  • No, they wouldn't

    Wow. Anybody praising Thatcher for lowering unemployment uhh...... Well there's really no way to put it other than to say they have no idea what the hell they're talking about. There's a reason so many people celebrated her passing, okay? Which thing that she spearheaded was your favorite, the one where she tried to ban any media that "praised homosexuality"? Her ideas made her a dinosaur when she was in power, forget now.

  • The problems that cropped up 30 years ago are not the (primary) problems of today.

    While the core tenets she brought about should be observed and given a respectful nod, they would not accomplish much in this day and age. Continued deregulation should act as a bandage to the problem. The reaction from the larger conglomerates who reside as an umbrella over all other business (and, as a result, politics, health care, and income) would cause further disruption.

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