• Without Equality in Marriage, Children are in Danger

    The question at hand is essential at protecting children today. So many unconventional relationships are formed today and children are part of that. Because of the non-traditional relationships, marriage helps to give stability for the children so they don't have to worry about not having a place to live if one of their parents die.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • Marriage equality is the only way to protect children

    A lot of people think that there shouldn't be equality with marriage, but I think because of the legal side of things it is a must. EVERYONE should have the right to marriage, especially the tax benefits and other issues. The children of these situations need to feel like they have secure guardians, which means they should be able to get married.

  • Yes, marriages do protect children.

    Marriages protect children by creating a sense of family. It also helps create a sense of responsibility. Once married you accept the responsibility to care for your significant other and the family that is now also your family. Allowing gay men and women to marry helps children have a sense of want and responsibility.

  • Yes, many marriage rights help protect children.

    One of the main reasons why marriage equality is so important is because of the legal rights associated with marriage. A married couple enjoys the tax benefits of being married as well as rights about benefits, guardianships, and medical privileges. Marriage also helps protect children and establish parentage. It would make adoptions and legal standing more clear in many cases.

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