• McMullin would offer a unique perspective.

    While a win seems as though it would be highly unlikely, I think that Evan McMullin could offer some very unique perspectives on both social and political issues if elected president. As a former CIA officer and a policy director in the House of Representatives, McMullin has a background that offers a greater understanding of America's position both internally and internationally. His insight could be extremely beneficial to the United States at this particular time in history with the issues currently surrounding the country.

  • If McMullin were serious, he should have stepped up previously

    The current front-runners of the presidential race spent years and millions of dollars to get where they are in the polls. McMullin shares the same frustration as millions of Americans, but his candidacy is just a knee-jerk reaction to circumstance. A president should have vision and not make decisions impulsively and based on high emotion.

  • No, he would not make a good president.

    He does not have the skills and the knowledge to be a good president. He is a great CIA operative, but that does not mean he has the slightest idea of what it would take to run the country. The USA needs somebody who has more than just great spy skills.

  • No, and he has no chance

    The last thing that we need in the white house is an "anti-terrorism" zealot who sees threats everywhere. Luckily, this guy is only running to pull votes from Donald Trump, which is fine by me. If this guy were actually a serious candidate he wouldn't be getting started just now. Trump has been a problem for months, it's funny that only now do the Republicans seem to realize it.

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