• Yes it would

    Yes, If we could get rid of all of the doctors that are not supposed to even be treating a person, then we would be able to fix a lot of the trouble that is in the medical field, and a good thing out of it would be lower medicine.

  • Yes, it is possible.

    Doctors will tell you that a large part of the high cost for their services comes from the high cost of medical malpractice insurance because of the many frivolous and even fraudulent law suits that occur. So if that is true, limiting the kinds of malpractice law suits that are possible should reduce our costs.

  • Because costs would be lowered.

    Yes, medical malpractice reform would reduce medical expenses for consumers, because people who practice medicine would not have to pay as large of bills for medical malpractice insurance. Those who are victims of inappropriate medical care would have to fend for themselves. Society would not have to spread this cost as a whole.

  • Yes, for sure.

    I think the fact that doctors have to pay so much for insurance is ridiculous. Suing doctors is too commonplace in the United States and, many times, without warrent. If they didn't have to worry about shelling out money for malpractice insurance, I'm sure prices would begin to steadily drop.

  • No, medical malpractice has nothing to do with the cost.

    Although medical malpractice hurts consumers, it should not affect the price. When we see a product go out on the market, people tend to oversee the flaws and continue to purchase these services. Medical malpractice should encourage people to seek out new laws that will help one avoid such circumstances.

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