• I think that a voucher could work.

    This is a very complex issue, with a lot of facets. But I think that a voucher system could work to improve the outlook for doctors that currently aren't in the government program. This could lead to more doctors being willing to treat medicare patients under the new system and raise the quality of healthcare in the country.

  • Yes, Medicare vouchers are a great idea!

    Medicare vouchers would allow doctors who currently don't have deals with the government the ability to treat patients; they would also give patients some of their rights back! These patients will have the ability to choose the doctor that best suits them, and if they are willing to pay more their voucher will still cover them up to the agreed upon amount, allowing the best doctors to receive the most pay. People can also see better doctors if they wish.

  • No, vouchers would not work

    There is a set price on a voucher and there are many very ill people in the world. Some need more medical attention, or more expensive medication, or more of it, than others. If you send out vouchers, our people may not go to the hospital or doctor when needed in fear that they will use up all their "money." I think we should set our heathcare like Canada.

  • It just wouldn't work

    Some people simply need more care than others. Using a voucher to allow someone care would only make them feel limited in the eyes of the government for only being worth as much as this voucher. Someone should be able to get the care they need regardless of the value of a voucher that they've been permitted.

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