Would Michelle Bachelet have won election in Chile if she had been a male politician?

  • Yes its possible.

    Michelle Bachelet probably would of won the election in Chile had she been male. The world still has not come to the point where they fully accept woman in office. It has come along way and we are making progress, but I think for some countries and areas they still have a ways to go.

  • Michelle probably would have won.

    Make no mistake, Chile is a great country and a very progressive one as far as South America is concerned. It is probably the most progressive country in Latin America next to Argentina. But sexism still reigns in Chile too often, and as a result women politicians are few and far between.

  • Voters vote their hopes and dreams

    Successful politicians understand that voters vote their hopes and dreams, not their fears, nor their inclination or preference for one gender or another. Yes, most politicians are men, and yet half of voters are women, so it is not a case of men voting men into power purely. Michelle Bachelet likely would have still won her election even as a man, as long as her message and politics were the same.

  • No, Her Policies and Positions Failed Her

    Gender had nothing to do with Bachelet's election. The culture of "machismo" is a thing of the past in Latin America. Women have risen in political prominence across South America, and the same could be said for Chile. The country has also been grappling with it's intense history of dictatorship, and that played a bigger role.

  • People do not want socialism.

    No, Michelle Bachelet would not have won election in Chile if she had been a male politician, because people rejected Bachelet's ideas, not her gender. Chile has taken some very positive steps towards capitalism. Their country has flourished with the privatization of social security. People in Chile want their freedom, not Michelle Bachelet's socialism.

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