Would Mike Tyson punch out Max Baer if those two met in a time travel boxing match?

  • Yes. Too fast, too powerful, and took too good of a punch.

    Tyson would hit Maxie boy early and often. If Tyson hit you in his prime like he wanted to, you're talking it being a 4 to 6 rounder at best and most of time 3 rounds or less. Max was a comical fighter that was wilder than Foreman was when he was champion early in his career and still took time to be clown(as Ali would) without being able to dodge punches coming at him. Max got knocked out by Louis and yet could not hurt him(if I remember correctly--Louis had been hurt badly or down by other fighters, even KO'ed in the ring and Louis could be hit.) Tyson had probably triple Louis' chin. Plus, he presented a problem that a lot of fighters of the day did not have to deal with: crouching fighters that had enough swivel and skill with it to be devastating. Tyson's major flaw seemed to be bad management(King); the guys that trained and managed him best were gone by the time he fought Douglas and long, long gone by the time he fought Holyfield and Lewis. I don't think Tyson ever got another even good trainer after the first string of really good trainers left. Max Baer was not the fighter to take advantage of this flaw; Tyson beat all of the fighters that were Baer like or a little better than Baer. The problem for Tyson was when he fought an all-timer(or someone that performed like an all-timer for one night) and that was mentally tough enough to stand up to him. Baer--like I said--was comical and didn't seem like he could hurt Tyson besides. Tyson VS. Baer would like a good blitzing football defense against a porous offensive line; Tyson would easily take him--might look like Dempsey VS. Williard or Liston VS Patterson or Foreman VS Frazier. A better matchup for Tyson would be if with Foreman, Marciano, or Frazier(fighters that could be hit--because if he can take what Lewis and Douglas--much bigger men--put on him for as long as he did, then chances are good that he'll be able to take those guys punches, too). My opinion is that Tyson has a signature win--KD's all over the place culminating in an eventual KO or TKO.

  • Mike Tyson would beat Max Baer

    It is my opinion that Mike Tyson would knock out Max Baer if they met in the ring. Baer was an elite athlete in his generation, but the sport of boxing has changed dramatically in terms of preparation since his time. Mike Tyson has the benefit of modern work out techniques that make him a better athlete and a favorite to beat out Max Baer in a boxing match.

  • Yes, Mike Tyson would beat Max Baer.

    As good as Max Baer was in his time, I think that Mike Tyson would have punched him out if the two ever met in a boxing match via time travel. I think that the advancement in nutrtion and training techniques made Mike Tyson a better boxer than Max Baer.

  • Yes, I am sure he would have

    The fact is people are just better athletes today, and Tyson would break Max Baer. Its just a matter of what the guy could take. I would be surprised if he could even make it past the first round. I know it will never happen,but times changed and that was a long time ago.

  • I agree with you

    Max Baer was a big, tough, strong man. His best fight that I have seen (on Youtube) was against Max Schmeling. Baer toyed with Schmeling, who was a skilled, accomplished fighter and finally broke him down through pure brute strength. He also got hit cleanly plenty of times against Schmeling. Schmeling, who probably weighed around 195 in the fight, just didn't have enough power to hurt him. I don't see him standing up long against a prime Mike Tyson getting hit that easily. He might hurt Mike with a wild right at a certain point, but I believe this one would be a kayo in 3 or 4 by Iron Mike.

  • Tyson Was a Punk

    Mike Tyson was simply a street thug and a punk. Max Baer would completely out-class Tyson in the ring. Pound-for-pound, Tyson was probably one of the most powerful professional boxers ever to go into the ring. However, Baer won more than 50 bouts by a knockout. Bear died of a heart attack at just 50 years of age. His full potential was never fully realized because he underestimated an opponent and lost the heavyweight title.

  • Mike Tyson would not punch out Max Baer if the two met in a time travel boxing match.

    Mike Tyson would not punch out Max Baer if the two met in a time travel boxing match. Although Mike Tyson was one of the greatest knockout punchers of all time, Max Baer was a more experienced boxer in his day. Max Baer had fought more fights than Mike Tyson and had more wins on his records. Max Baer was also known for his punching power. So in all likely hood Max Baer would have knocked Mike Tyson out if the two met in a travel boxing match.

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