• A good story

    Mike Tyson's story is a great story, and people could do well to learn from him. Mike Tyson spent his entire life as a controversial figure and awful role model - until he became clean and rid himself of the awful influences in his life. This alone is inspiring enough.

  • Yes Mike Tyson's quotes can inspire recoverying addicts.

    Mike Tyson is a prime example of how addiction can ruin a person's life. He also an great example someone working the rocky road of recovery. His honest (and sometime brutal) quotes about his failures and ongoing challenges can offer hope to others facing those same challenges. He's not a smooth, fuffly adict, he tells it how it truly is.

  • Tyson's quotes would inspirea recovering addict.

    Mike Tyson quotes and his admition to being an addict would inspire people in addiction recovery to get clean. He is an advocate for the 12 step program, which helps many recovering addicts. His stories and quotes would help addicts in the same way that going to meetings would. It serves as a reminder for why staying clean is so important.

  • Inspiration should come from people who are not addicts.

    Mike Tyson quotes would not inspire people in addiction recovery. This is because Tyson is known to have some problems with keeping a polite, moderate conversation going. People in addiction recovery need to look up to people that have not been through addiction or who have surmounted it to such a point that it barely affects their life anymore.

  • No, Mike Tyson quotes would not inspire people in addiction recovery.

    I do not think Mike Tyson quotes would inspire many, if any at all in addiction recovery. I also do not think any quotes would be of much inspiration. As a former pill addict myself, quotes would be the least helpful inspiration. Addiction is a struggle physically and mentally. It takes much more than quotes to set a person free from the power of addiction.

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