Would Mitt Romney be a better president than Barack Obama?

  • YES

    He has so much that President Obama doesn't. He has so much experience in the private sector, he isn't a care politician, he is a stable man with a strong family and his history tells us that he is a good guy. Obviously people try to paint him in negative colors but his record speaks for itself

  • 2 Terms Are Better Than 1

    I will take a non-partisan approach to this question, for fun. I find it funny that in this age people think that 4 years is plenty of time to judge a man on how he can run a country of over 400 MILLION people. Seeing that the US is a democracy, that means if he could talk to every individual one-on-one and get their opinion, each per get's 0.31 SECONDS. Regardless of policies, a second term is needed!

  • There is nothing in my mind that could ever convince me that Mitt Romney is even a passable candidate for President.

    To answer this question, you have to take into consideration 4 very obvious things. First, is Romney a passable candidate to be President of the United States? Second, does Romney actually believe in what he says? Thirdly, does Obama have a good enough record to run on to refute the notion that Romney would be a better President, given the answers to my first and second statements. And fourthly, is President Obama's agenda for his second term better than what Governor Romney's was? Addressing the first notion, however, is the most important. Mitt Romney was not even a passable candidate for President. To keep things short and sweet, he "believes" in proven flawed economic theories, an extremely flawed energy policy that keeps us on a path of oil and coal dependence, a foreign policy that maintains the principle that we have to be the world's police, etc., etc. Bear in mind, we have a $16 going on $17 trillion national debt. As there are many people who accredit that to President Obama, remember that a vast majority (not even anywhere near being as low as 70%) of this debt accumulates form policies and decisions made by President Bush. And when you look at the Romney agenda, compared to the Bush presidency, what is the difference at all? Given Obama's record of job creation, the successful bailout in the auto industry, his successful foreign policy of decimating al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the Middle East, ending the war in Iraq, and signing off that Afghanistan will be independent for defense by 2014, I think it's really hard to give a viable answer in support of Mitt Romney.

  • Nope

    He wanted to make abortions illegal and he wanted to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman in the constitution. Plus everyone thought he was going to repeal obamacare and he wasn't. He tried to pass THE SAME thing in Massachusetts back in 2006. He would change a few words make the fine a lot larger and say he changed it so Americans would be happy.

  • Definitely not.

    Mitt Romney's record does speak for itself, and it shows that he would not have made a better president than Barack Obama. He has changed his position on many issues, like abortion and health care, and he has done so in a way that shows he was more interested in the political ramifications than having an actual change of heart. In addition, he has no foreign policy experience. The only experience he has is as a businessman, and one who put his own greed ahead of nearly everything else. This is not the sort of man that I'd want as president, and, while I am not the biggest fan of Obama, I am glad Mitt Romney lost.

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