Would Mitt Romney have been the better President than Obama, or did we make the right choice?

Asked by: Colinmcgrady
  • He could not have been any worse a president ...

    So chances are he would have been a better one. He would have been alot more effective in his first 4 years right out of the gate. The things he would have tried to pass during that time would not have been so socialist and against popular opinion. He though would not have been handed a second term as easily either.

  • No way! NOPE

    Obama is…..Just…… Mitt Romney could've been a WAY better president! My opinion is that Mitt Romney would've done much better. I honestly LOVED Mitt. He was a really really good guy! Mitt Romney even gave really really good speeches! Have any of you even heard his super awesome speeches? You should!

  • No Way Obama Sucks Big time!!!

    He said there would be change but all he did was increase debt and make everything worse. I honestly don't know how he even got reelected, like his first 4 years as president he made no change at all. I was very made when he won the election agian !!!

  • Mitt Romney would not have been a better president.

    Everything Obama promised to change in his speeches, he created bills for. He did the work of finding balance for both parties and creating bills that would work for everyone. You cannot blame him for "not doing anything" just because Congress didn't pass any of his bills, except for the Obamacare one, and just because some people don't like it, it's getting a horrible reputation, despite how much good it's done for those in need. He also got unemployment down to less than 9%, and under his presidency he ended two wars (which stemmed from another's presidency).

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