Would Mitt Romney have made a better president than Barack Obama?

  • Mitt Romney is broad-minded and respectful to all!!!

    Mitt Romney and his nominated Vice-President Paul Ryan seems to be very liberal. They are broad-minded. When Mitt Romney was asked what he opines about Muslims in the IOWA Caucus, he answered that the U.S. Constitution allows everyone to live in the U.S.A. independently and we have no right to force anyone in cultivating his or her religious activities. During the time of Barack Obama's presidency, the highest numbers of immigrants were forced to leave United States of America. What Barack Obama has said; he could not materialise them actually. Obama Care was a great disaster and due to it the premium has increased in many states like Wisconsin, Arizona etc. to a greater extent. Many people criticise George W. Bush for invading the Iraq. Barack Obama stopped aggression from Iraq but he can not deny the responsibility of the disaster which is he has created invading Syria and Yemen. Paul Ryan has said several times that he is always beside the minority people because U.S.A. is a country for all who are citizen there. Mitt Romney has more attractive personality than Barack Obama. During the period of Obama Administration; the percentage of Hate Crimes has increased a lot. When Joe Biden was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, he said that he had deserved it because of his devotion to the Democratic party and he will remain engaged with this party until his last breath. He was awarded this honour all on a sudden.I do not say that I do not honour him but Obama made many things based on politics. As a president Barack Obama is not so successful one. Donald Trump has taken advantage of it. He has said several times that if you vote for Hilary; it means that you will increase ultimately the time period of the governance of President Obama. He has said several times that Democratic Government was a corrupted government. Mitt Romney would do much more better than the President Obama.

  • It is mitt Romney, Dude

    Mitt Romney is a great president, well everything. Just think about it! No attacks, peace, a lot more things! C'mon dude's you gotta' find why Romney is the best and Obama, good but not enough like Romney. Romney is a awesome politician! So cool, generous, but seriously, THINK ABOUT IT!

  • Yes he would have

    He is a man with values. I think every politician falls into an unfortunate obligation to start playing like a politician, and acting like all the others to stay in the race, however, I believe and still feel that Mitt is genuinely concerned for the well being of the country. It would have taken time, but he would have been able to clean up a mess that has just been added onto each year for the last 10 years. We missed out on a good one!!

  • Mitt i white

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  • What's wrong with a rich president that doesn't use taxpayer dollars for no reason? Someone who can make money instead of wasting trillions?

    Obama is an asinine idiot along with any person foolish enough to support him. Anyone who thinks that America has sixty states has the IQ of a goldfish. Everyone says Romney is a bad person because he is Mormon or rich. Mormons are raised with high moral values. What is wrong with him making money? At least he won't spend billions of dollars on personal vacations or double the national debt. If you support Obama then you are exactly what is wrong with this country.

  • Ability Means. Everything

    Mitt Romney has all the requisite skills and abilities needed by a leader. He is inspiring, capable, intelligent, fair-minded and principled. The United States suffered a disaster when a foolish majority of the electorate were fooled into voting for his less than adequate opponent. We can only hope that a candidate who approaches Romney's ability emerges.

  • Based on records. A person's performance predictability is usually based on his / her own records.

    When Romney was the Mass. Governor he balanced the budgets on every fiscal year and made Massachusetts public schools rank near top in the nation. Proved that he has good executive capability. Obama, lies on every topic there is. He won because the people bought into all the lies, which were backed by the left leaning media. The Bengazie debacle eventually proved that Romney was right and Obama was lying, but only after the Presidential election.

  • Yes

    He would have made a better President because he would not have had the adulation of millions. As President he would have had to work very hard to make both sides productive, and compromise with the Left in order to not have them jumping down his throat at every moment. This, in my opinion, would have forced him to be a good President.

  • Mitt Romney was a mistake I would support Ron Paul not Romney - I expect the Democrates to play the 'First Woman President Card Next

    Mitt Romney is two steps back one forward- while Obama is the opposite barely!

    Still, Obama cannot get anything done if the yo-yo's in the house and senate don't agree...

    I hate Obama's Free Pass Citizenship on illegals as my wife and I did the legal ZOO with USCIS to get her over here - his free ride policy to those who sidestepped the whole thing is a slap in the face to us and all the legal immigrants who put up with years of paperwork, waiting and procedure! ... I for one want the feet wet policy of the USA removed as illegals from Mexico running here while pregnant to get their '...But my child is an american...' foot in the door... Illegal is illegal but I seriously get the vibe the (D) see a good free voting base hence cater as much as possible to them...

    ...College financial aid programs... I could not get any but if your a child of a illegal immigrant you get better aid chances... Excuse me?!?

    ...Yes I am a swing voter whose tolerate of the current D policies but I can tell you my margin of support for them is getting smaller by the day when I see more rewards going to the least performing demographic of this country in the terms of fairness... And I do see why folks see Obama as a Socialist....But I would prefer even that to someone the likes of Mitt Romney... I seriously hope a third party arises to be the fulcrum to bring these developing extremes back in balance.... ALSO FULL DISCLOSURE of ALL campaign financing.. I want all the lobbies brought out of the shadows and committed to public record...If anything I want private funding of campaigns banned all together!...

    I vote R and D on things so but the extremes the current R ladder is pushing I honestly fear what extremes they are going to spin next...Ofcourse nothing is getting done until mid terms is over as the current state of things is no sides wanting to give anything...

  • NO

    What money we're wasting on this health care lunacy, we'd be wasting on defense spending. We'd probably be going to war with Iran by now or in the near future as well.

    Romney wanted to run this country like a business, and when a business is unprofitable, what the companies do these days is dump the lower members of the totem pole and give huge bonuses to the members at the top. The man would've screwed over the lower and lower middle classes and given the wealthy even more money than they already have.

    No thank you to that, any of that.

  • No He Wouldn't

    Mitt Romney would not have been a better president than Barack Obama. I could tell during Romney's campaign trail that he would not make a good president. He was constantly changing his opinions on issues and he seemed like a cold person. Barack is better than Romney could ever be.

  • Not even close.

    I don't think Mitt Romney would have been a better president in any way. I think Mitt Romney would have taken us backwards in regards to women's rights, gay marriage, and foreign policy. He wants to regulate birth control and abortion and gay marriage. He talks freely of bombing countries which we have no issue with. There's a reason that polls outside of our country were strongly in support of Obama. The US needs to get up to speed with the rest of the first world nations, not fall back with the third world ones.

  • Mitt Romney hated Big bird

    Mitt Romney planned to cut unnecessary things in economy.
    One was Sesame Street. As of right now Sesame Street would be a distant memory. Obama saved big bird. Only good thing Obama has done. Also mitt Romney is a loose cannon ready to nuke and bomb other countries. He could have started nuclear war and we as Americans would considered terrible minions to the this trigger happy dotard

  • Mitt Romney wasnt reliable

    Mitt Romney always changed his opinions and went back and forth of every point, while I also hated Obama, I still doubt mitt romney would have somehow made a better president compared to Barack.

    -Extra Words to fit word count required to post a comment, :) :(

  • Mitt romney didnt win for a reason

    If mitt romney won, Osama bin Laden would still be alive, ISIS would be a bigger problem, .. . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. .. . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . .

  • He's not cool

    Mitt Rommney is a stiff establishment candidate who is all about compromise, Obama may not have achieved everything he could have but he is a man of principle while Romney is just all in it for the money and all in it for himself. He really is not a cool guy

  • I don't think he would be any better than Obama.

    I think he would have gotten us into many unnecessary wars. He talked freely of bombing countries and such and some countries were unnecessary to bomb. But he's barely better than Obama. My family is poor and we didn't get anything to help us and I don't think Romney would've helped either. Instead, Obama is giving all of the money to the Mexicans and such because they come from a poor nation. There are Americans who need money too, ya know! I don't mean to be racist or anything and I'm not talking about all of the Mexicans when I say this, but they smuggle drugs here to make a good profit and ruin lives. I'm not talking about all of them, but just a percentage of them. The U.S defenses do check them, I believe, which is a good thing. But they can find ways around the security to smuggle in that filth. But back to the main debate here, I don't think he would be much better than our president now.

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