Would Mitt Romney make a better President than Barack Obama?

  • Mitt Romney is better

    Mitt Romney would have been better because Obama just messed everything up. He put our country in debt and the only reason he got elected was because so many African Americans decided they should vote for him just because he is African American. Also, Obama is passing an act saying that all Americans must have a microchip implanted that allows us to buy things and if we don't have it then we get denied everything. If that gets passed I will be moving countries.

  • Hard Decision

    Obama has good ideas, good intentions, and is a good person. That being said, as I have told many Obama supporters, get your priorities straight. $3,000,000,000,000 in debt is absurd. I know two year-olds who know you can't spend 3 dollars if you have only 2 dollars. Democrats also tend to disregard the fact that Romney brought Salt Lake City from 400 Million debt of the Olympics and ended with 100 Million in excess money. Einstein said " The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting different results." Voting for Obama is insane.

  • Romney

    Four years on the job and any boss would fire him for poor performance!

    The unemployment rate is EXACTLY the same as it was when Bush left office. The U6 unemployment is HIGHER (that figure includes people who have given up looking for work altogether or are underemployed). The number of jobs 'created' hasn't kept up with the number of new people entering the work force. A lot of other economic indicators are WORSE than when Obama took office - number of people in poverty, number of people on food stamps and the median household income (down around $4,000). The economy has NOT turned around. His policies are NOT working.

  • Four years on the job and any boss would fire him for poor performance!

    The unemployment rate is EXACTLY the same as it was when Bush left office. The U6 unemployment is HIGHER (that figure includes people who have given up looking for work altoghether or are underemployed). The number of jobs 'created' hasn't kept up with the number of new people entering the work force. Alot of other economic indicators are WORSE than when Obama took office - number of people in poverty, number of people on food stamps and the median household income (down around $4,000). The economy has NOT turned around. His policies are NOT working. He wasted 2 years drafting Obamacare which will neither improve healthcare nor lower costs. He should have been focused on the economy instead. Obamacare is nothing more than a taxation legislation with 21 hidden taxes (7 of which DIRECTLY affect the middle class). All this conveniently doesn't come into effect until AFTER the election.
    Obama's weakness in foreign policy, and let's not forget about the lies unfolding about Benghazi, is paramount in explaining why this world is seeing more muslim unrest than ever. Didn't he learn on the playground that when you appear weak and apologetic, you get picked on??? Snubbing long standing allies such as the UK and Israel has of course greatly impacted the world's problems. Lastly the "unrest due to a video" is a blatant example of why this man has to go!

  • Government is business

    I can be quick on this one. Obama had 7 years experience as a senator before becoming commander in cheif. He wasn't ready for this and it shows. The unemployment is at the same level it was when he took office, he has racked up more debt in 4 years than Bush did in 8 years. He passed a health care bill by changing the wording in the bill from "Fine" to "Tax" and got it by the supreme court. I am pretty convinced that anyone could do a better job.

  • Yes of course

    Obama has made our country worse in his term. He has made cuts in our military and education and double our debt. When hes going on talk shows, beside spending time on the economy. Why would you tell our eniames (Taliban) that we are going to leave in two years, so all they have to do is wait it out. How about horrible acts he's done like sending troops in to Libya without asking congress and trying to give west bank from our allies isreal and giving it to the Muslims. All the jobs hes creating, how much do they pay. Most of them are 10, or 12 dollars jobs. People cant survive of that. Please Americans do not let Obama have anthor 4 years. If Obama wins, please Mr.president make our country strong again. Help me believe in american dream again.

  • Obama voted worst president since ww2

    Read my headline...Could he have been worse? Not likely. Obama has done nothing for this country except divide it. I struggle to think that people could still be for this president. When an issue occurs he likes to ignore, ignore and ignore. He doesn't address certain issues because once how does it becomes his problem. Well you have to address a crisis when your the leader of the free world. Mitt Romney has been proven to be right on IRaq and the economy.

  • He isn't a socialist

    Socialism doesn't work in countries, history shows. Some countries it works, but in the case of America, no. Obama's policies are socialistic in nature, and therefore won't work while Romney, with his business record, knows how to manage an economy, and to boost production, lower the unemployment rate and to manage a country better.

  • Forget politics for a second if you can and think about what the federal government really is

    If you can put aside your political team favorite and think about it the federal government is nothing but a very very large business and for some reason we tend to elect people with little business experience and Obama is a great example of someone that had zero business experience. Romney has a ton of business experience and for that reason alone he would have done a better job. The other factor I think is not without debate is Romney tells the truth and Obama lies so that alone should be enough reason to show that Romney would have been better

  • A somewhat pointless argument

    He has never been president so can't say he'd be better. I think he would but that's only because I've seen Obama fail. I also find it odd when people say Obama had to clean up Bush's mess. Yes he did, but it just sounds like an excuse for doubling the debt in one term. I at least think that's where Romney would succeed. Where being rich and running a company would be an advantage. He would at least know how to balance a budget. Is Obama more charismatic, a better speaker, better debater? Yes. Does that make him a good president? No. There really hasn't been a good president since FDR. Needless to say I do think the 2008 and 2012 election became a glamorized race issue by the media when it clearly shouldn't have been. Until we can find a candidate with Clinton's economic policy, FDR's foreign policy, Lincoln's leadership, JFK's charisma, and a congress willing to negotiate, only then will we have great president.

  • would mitt romney make a better president than barack obama

    Mitt Romney is a lying, racist, unreliable candidate. Making promises you know he isn't going to make. Obama has his ups and downs but Mitt Romney here is just a failure.Racist:"If I were Hispanic I bet you all the Hispanics would vote for me" said Mitt Romney. He is a horrible candidate and if you end up voting for him our nation will cease to be the greatest. Obama is a one of a kind president. He has stopped the Taliban, the Al-Quieda and has even killed their leader Osama Bin Laden. If you cannot accept that i have plenty more reasons why he would make a good president of the United States of America.He has slowly but surely raised the taxes for the Upper Wealthy Class but lower the taxes for the Middle and Lower classes. He has also made new laws for immigrants but Mr.Rich(Mitt Romney) seems to differ. Who is he? Hes better off being Governor of the state he was in.Now consider whose better bringing back troops for families and worrying about not only on us Americans but people from other countries as well.

  • Absolutely not.

    Absolutely not. Mitt Romney has no tax plan or budget plan, the Ryan proposal has been called into questions by economists from across the political spectrum as being mere wishful thinking at best. Romney cannot be trusted. When I lived in Massachusetts, he was the one that signed legal marriage into law and now he is campaigning against it. Romney was also the man that brought universal healthcare to Massachusetts, Romneycare is basically Obamacare on a state level, now he is campaigning against it. Romney is a flip-flopper, and Obama is a true commander-in-chief.

  • Talk is cheap

    Romney promises all these jobs and all this reform but i strongly believe he is going to make the economic situation worse. Also a lot of people criticize obama for his foreign policies when Romney's are even worse. i mean he thinks the defense budget should be funded more than education or healthcare or even the NASA program. The United States does not need another war! Sending troops to foreign countries and spreading our supposed democracy will only add fuel to the fire. Romney wants to step up security with the U.S 5th fleet on Iran's doorstep. This is not fair to Iran and the united nations still has no SOLID proof that Iran is making or attempting to make a nuclear weapon. I understand the U.S wants to make the world a safer place but barking threats at a well armed nation is not the way to do it. I ask all citizens of this beautiful nation please do not trust Romney. This entire world will be engulfed in war if he wins. PLEASE!

  • Definitely Not.

    It doesn't make sense to change Presidents when we don't need to. There is definitely a learning curve that takes place and why not keep Barack and let him complete another 4 years of office and finish what he has started? If Romney is elected there will be at least a year learning curve and America doesn't have time to wait.

  • Both are bad, but Obama's better by far....

    Almost anyone could do better than Obama here, but not Mitt. He's an imbecile. He plans to increase government funds while cutting taxes. It's just not feasible to give the military and MediCare more money while cutting taxes. I agree that we should cut taxes, but we also need to cut government programs, and cut them harshly. As neither candidate seems to get that, I'd say Obama is far less likely to make an addition to our debt, whule Romney's plan would add $5 trillion.

  • I Just Don't Trust The Man

    Both are definitely not perfect options to elect as president of the US. But Obama actually did a rather good job, I actually expected less from Obama. Obama lowered the unemployment rate below 8%, and actually lowered some of our debt. For Romney, he's nothing more than an open toed shoe, flip-flop to be exact. Romney will say whatever he needs to say to become president, and I don't think I know the man.

  • Obama is truly fabulous.

    Everyone I know here in the UK thinks Obama is pretty brilliant for a politician. In comparison to our rather drippy dull politicians he is interesting and has great ideas for social reforms. Perhaps it's just the people I know are more liberal but I am yet to find anyone I know who thinks Mitt Romney in charge of the U.S. would be a good idea! It seems so absurd that the divide is so close...I don't get it at all. Why on earth would you think that Mitt Romney would do a good job at running "the land of the free" when his policies are so often oppressive!? And anyhow, what kind of name is Mitt!?

  • Obama is Better

    Mitt Romney's supporters are all rich white people. The numbers show it. Meanwhile, Obama has raised taxes for the upper class and lowered taxes for the middle and lower classes. Mitt Romney does not know how to use his money. He bought a car elevator in the middle of the campaign! He also doesn't even pay nearly as much taxes as he should! Do you think he could really help this country? Not me. Obama has faced criticism from republicans but he has been doing a great job. If Romney was in control of this country, America would be in jeopardy. Obamacare was something ROMNEY used to use when he was governor of Massachusetts, but just like other republicans he automatically rejected the idea of anything Obama presented. Obama is a great man, and a huge inspiration. Romney is just a selfish, rich man with only goals for his own power, not for the people. Obama is the right choice.

  • Obama Averted A Depression

    The economy had already loss almost 5 million jobs when Obama took office. In 2009 when Obama enacted the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, it prevented the US economy from going over a cliff and taking us into a major depression. Most legitimate Economist, Republican or Democrat, will agree to this point. As the stimulus ramped up we started to see sustained economic growth and job growth resumed early in 2010—with over 3.5 million jobs added since February 2010. For those who say Obama did not do enough, It is important to note that the Recovery Act was intended to jump-start the economy and avert a depression, not to restore full employment. Obama's plan to create jobs by re-building, expanding and repairing crumbling multi-state highways, bridges and other infrastructure, pushing Solar energy education and other job building ideas has been rebuffed by Romney-like Republicans. Romney and his cronies seem bent on continued wars, body bags, and more young men and women being coming home with horrendous injuries. Romney has never shown an iota of forward thinking. He spews the same tired and divisive rhetoric aimed at creating a gap amongst Americans. Obama is by no means perfect; like every President, every man for that matter, he has made mistakes; but he does not ramp up fear, hatred, and the "us against them" mentality that Romney and his Republican fellows would like to push. It is the perfect way to keep us in line--keep us afraid of each other and the world around us. Remember the terrorist alert code days under The Bush regime-- I, for one do not miss the orange, blue green and red alert days that seem to be very much a part of the Republican playbook.

  • NO! Not at all

    He only cares for rich not caring bout middle class or poor and I am not saying Obama is the greatest president because he doesn't care for rich people but he is definitely not as bad as Romney would have been. But independent is where its at screw democrats and republicans!!!

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