• Yes concealed weapons make us safer

    When bringing up whether concealed weapons make us safe, you must look at it from the standpoint of what are the consequences if they are banned? If handguns are banned, the only ones that will be using them are those who wish to disobey the law (law breakers). Law breakers will always be carry handguns even if handguns are from being concealed. Thereby the law is only putting making law- abiders in danger.

  • Yes and no

    The only way concealed weapons could make anyone safe is if all guns or weapons are extinct from the world and never made again. Which obviously could never happen and is impossible.

    Then after that is done, people with mental health issues need to be dealt with as well. Because like they say PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that you don't have to have a gun or knife to kill people. As long as there is hate in this world, murders will always happen on the daily. Weapons are just a faster way to kill people is all.

  • They sure would

    Yes, if we had more concealed weapons, we may have the same amount of shootings, but it would not be the good people getting shot, it would be the criminals who would start getting shot. I think this is what gun control supporters can not get through their heads today.

  • The knowledge that the populous is armed will dissuade criminal actions.

    Obviously, civilians being armed will allow civilians to more easily defend themselves against criminals. Another factor that not many consider is psychological. Civilians being armed heavily influences whether or not a criminal will commit a crime against them. For many criminals, knowing that their victims could be armed and have the potential to severely injure them very easily will make commiting a crime too risky for the reward they could possibly acquire by commiting said action. Thus, there will be a net reduction in crime when civilians carry outside the home, concealed or open.

  • More weapons make everyone less safe

    Proponents of lax gun laws say that "the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." The problem with this view is that it doesn't play out in reality. Statistics show that the more guns there are in an area, the more gun deaths there are. Violent crime perpetrated by a stranger is so rare. People, even good people, get into conflicts. Tempers flare, but it rarely escalates to violence. The problem arises when a person has a gun ready at their side. Too often, we hear stories about incidents involving people who didn't wake up thinking they would get angry enough to shoot someone that day. They get into arguments. If they didn't have a gun, it's unlikely that they would engage in physical violence because they would fear getting injured themselves. But when they have a gun, it becomes all too easy to pull it out and use it. Everything escalates much easier when weapons are involved.

  • No, more concealed weapons would not make us all safer.

    I think the idea that having more concealed weapons would make society safer is ridiculous. But I also don't think having less rights to gun ownership in America will make us safer as well. The problem in America is not our rights to bear arms, it's our lack of ability to take care of the problems that make people want to use guns.

  • No, more concealed weapons would not make us safer

    More concealed weapons would not make us all safer, in the same way that more nuclear weapons, especially hidden ones, would not make the world safer. However, this doesn't mean that concealed weapons shouldn't be allowed, it just means that more concealed weapons will not lead to a rise in safety levels for the public.

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